Talking, Doing, Playing

Talking, Doing, Playing

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  • To promote and strengthen educational and awareness-raising actions for students at risk of early school leaving (ESL)
  • To contribute to positively change the perception of students and families of the area in regards to the educational Institution, School
  • To foster the development of shared educational group paths
  • To stimulate and strengthen students’ expressive, artistic and sports skills
  • Narrative workshops dealing with the theme of travel through stories focusing on linguistic and cultural diversity, innovation, relational modalities and emotions related to encounters
  • Traditional and experimental painting techniques workshops – from the artistic avant-gardes of the ‘900 to Street Art – so to stimulate creativity and co-operational planning
  • Recreational Workshops on Sports focusing on socialisation, on the awareness of individual and general athletic abilities
  • Public event sharing processes and products developed during the workshop activities
  • Workshops during the summer period, when regular teaching activities are suspended
  • Improved quality of students’ participation
  • Strengthened reading and writing competencies as well as artistic and sporting skills
  • Improved school-family relationship
  • Coordinator: Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara”
  • Officina Creativa Interculturale
  • A.S.D. Baskin Palermo

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Date of project implementation: 04/07/2016 – 15/09/2016

Institution of reference: MIUR Ministry of Education, University and Research, The school at the centre – National Plan for the prevention of early school leaving

Contacts: CESIE:



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Monday July 4th, 2016