M3 ‘Migrants, Minorities, Mobilities’

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M3 ‘Migrants, Minorities, Mobilities’

M3 ‘Migrants, Minorities, Mobilities’

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  • To deepen cooperation and networking, on international and regional levels
  • To exchange practical methods, best practise, and innovative concepts on how to encourage young adults with minority or migrant background
  • To respond to the educational challenges of young adult learners with minority ethnic background by providing pathways that will develop their knowledge and competencies
  • To create individual learning portfolios that reflect the experiences of each participant
  • To encourage open and respectful exchange of views between groups belonging to different cultural backgrounds, i.e. stimulate intercultural dialogue
  • 12 mobilities – study visits in partners’ local working contexts
  • “MULTICOLORED PAGES” is a guide addressed to all migrants and refugees living in Palermo, as well as to organisations, support centres and institutions working towards a suitable welcome and integration process. It is designed for those who, due to language barriers and/or little knowledge of the urban network, are not aware of the services, such as health care, childcare, social inclusion support, training and educational bodies, welcome shelters, sports that can be found in Palermo
  • Coordinator: CUBIC – Cultur & Bildung im Context (Austria)
  • Point Europa Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • France Amerique Latine (France)
  • Fekete Sereg Association (Hungary)
  • Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM (Poland)
  • ACD La Hoya (Spain)

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Date of project: 01/08/2008 – 31/07/2010

DG of reference: DG EAC, LLP National Agency, Grundtvig – Learning Partnership


CESIE: mobility@cesie.org