Youth Exchange in France

mobilityCE.S.I.E will partecipate in the Youth Exchange “Replay” 2nd to the 10th of October

This project is a meeting between young people around the discovering and valorisation of traditional plays, that are tools for our learning, socialisation and intercultural dialogue.

We are looking for 4 participants (max. 25 years old) and 1 group leader (max 30 years old). The group leader will participate in the Advance Planning Visit that will take place from the 2nd to the 5th of September.


clarity meeting

CLARITY, approaches to teaching and training of migrants

The 6th and 7th July was held in Budapest the second meeting of the transnational partnership project CLARITY – Leonardo TOI. We compared the applicability of new approaches to teaching and training of migrants on the basis of the European project MUTUAL (, coordinated by People’s Aid and developed in the period 2004-2007. Transferring the results of MUTUAL – which has produced new materials and methods for developing and enhancing the role of migrants in childcare centers in multicultural context, and -CONVEX – applied in the UK – which promotes English classes for migrant workers > CLARITY is creating new training resources to support basic work-related training in migrants’ own languages.


logo creintwin

Creative Intercultural Twinning

The project “CREINTWIN- Creative Intercultural Twinning” (Europe for Citizens-1.2.2-support measures to town twinning) aims to develop the skills of those working in non-governmental organizations and municipalities to create town-twinning projects with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Commission. The Action 1 of this program supports events and meetings between twinned cities in Europe or which wish to start a town twinning. The program also allows the networking of twinned towns, based on a common theme, for the exchange of good practices (for example, sustainable development or intercultural dialogue) and the mobility of European citizens.



NEEDD completed the distance/online course

With the last international meeting held in Palermo by CE.S.I.E the project E-NEEDD completed and evaluated one of the main outcomes of this Comenius LLP Project, an e-course aimed to help secondary school teachers to prevent and detect drug consumption among their students. The distance/online course was housed on the ALF collaborative platform owned by UNED having each user access to two contexts, (i) a private area with customizable content and (ii) a collaborative work space where users interact and communicate with each other. Moreover, the course had a tutor who adressed the students’ concerns, dynamized the forums and evaluated the exercises. Unpleasantly only 40 out of the 60 applying teachers finished the course.


pagine colorate

M3, The Colorful pages

By the 31th of July the lifetime of the project M3 = Migrants – Minorities – Mobilities, LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnerships funded by the Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission is finished.

CE.S.I.E, is pleased to present you the result of the local action published soon in language versions Italian/English, French, Arabic.

The “Pagine Colorate – The Colorful pages” – (kind of migrant focused Yellow Pages) is a guide addressed to all migrants and refugees living in Palermo, as well as to institutions, support centres and any kind of offices providing services active in this field in the City of Palermo.

We realized that immigrants are often not fully aware of all services, facilities and opportunities available to them for a proper integration process due to their language barriers and a precarious knowledge of the urban network.



Crossing the Line, the film

The film “Crossing The Line” will soon be available on youtube, facebook and CE.S.I.E’s website. The film was made with a group of youths from Palermo and touches on their lives and the issues that they face. The next stage in the project is developing a film consisting of the short films from the youth groups in Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and UK.



Eddili: second international meeting in Frechen

EDDILI is an international research-action project targeted at adult leaning staff (ALS), that is, co-funded by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme under the action Grundtvig Multilateral projects. During the 2 years of the project life the international partnership aims to develop and introduce the reciprocal maeutic approach (RMA) of Danilo Dolci as an educational approach to be used in the field of training of adult learning staff. EDDILI has been implementing simultaneously in all the partner countries and we expect this way to have an impact contributing to increase the quality of adult learning. On the 16th of July has been hold in Frechen in Germany an international meeting between partner, with the aim to coordinate the ongoing project activities and plane next phases.



Daphne project “Stronger Children, Less Violence”, second regional meeting

The Daphne project “Stronger Children, Less Violence” is a European project that envisages the creation of regional working groups and International groups, working on different levels. Groups work together on specific issues such as “prevention of violence against children” and “creation of tools for growth and defence”.

The meetings will have the ultimate goal of producing a manual of best practice to be addressed to educators, teachers and parents, which will provide accessible tools.

The project had its second regional meeting in CE.S.I.E’s office in Palermo, on 20th of July.


cityzen logo

City Zen: Forum Theatre public session

“City Zen” is a project of the programme Europe for Citizens of the European Commission. It involves five countries of the EU: France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, and Latvia.

The basic idea of the project is to make aware European citizens on the importance of responsible consumption. “City Zen” has to main objectives: to identify local expectations, practices and initiatives related to Responsible Consumption and submit a proposal to the European Union on the possible changes and developments in this field.

In July we projected a film that showed the importance and the need to divulgate Critical Consumption and Sustainable Development lifestyle among all citizens.


meeting ALF

First Regional Coordination Meeting Anna Lindh Foundation Sicily

On July 21th , at the new headquarters of Ce.S.I.E in Palermo , the members of the Sicilian Regional Coordination of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) gathered for First Regional Coordination Meeting.

The Ce.S.I.E, as regional coordinator of ALF, an international organization that promotes dialogue between cultures in the Mediterranean, organized this first meeting in the presence of the Arch. Michael Capasso, leader of the ALF national network, and of Sicilian organizations participating in the network.

The Assembly has sanctioned the creation of the regional coordination and it was useful to plan the next activities to be pursued as a regional network.


tesd logo

The job shadowing phase of the TESD project begins

In the coming weeks the phase of Job shadowing provided under the project TESD (Tools for Sustainable Development Equal) will take place.

The project involves organizations from Bulgaria, Ecuador, France, India, Nepal, Ukraine, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, it focuses on the role of women in promoting sustainable development.

The Job Shadowing were preceded by a phase of training, research and analysis carried out by all partners on the four pillars that support policies for Sustainable Development (society, economy, culture and environment) and particularly on the role held by women in these process.


Paradise people

Paradise_2010, meeting in Berlin

25 young people coming from 5 different countries (Germany-Italy-Turkey-Estonia-France) met in Berlin, armed with cameras and recorders to explore the city in its less touristic quarters in search of Paradises-places, or places that even for a moment, even for one person may be places of comfort and relaxation. Moreover youth have learned how to work on the photos using Photoshop, on the sounds and how to upload everything on the project website.