Door to Europe: Mobility Opportunities

CE.S.I.E offers the following opportunities:

“Paradise 2010”

Berlin – Germany 13th – 22nd July 2010

Youth Exchange on the discovering of cultures and traditions through images and sounds of our cities.

The participants will analyse and discover the different cultural, social and traditional aspects of Berlin and the own city, collecting images and sounds in squares and streets. Finally they will develop a video.



“Hattrick”: football and LifeLong Learning

Few weeks ago an international meeting of the project “Hattrick” took place in Palermo.

“Hattrick” is a English world that means triplet; in fact this project focuses on 3 objectives: Systematically expanding transversal competences of young male migrants or young male adults who are socio-economically disadvantaged, acquired in football – needed in professional life; Opening a new informal pathway to education by exploring football clubs as new places of learning; Engaging disadvantaged young men in lifelong learning.


Creative meeting

Handmade Creative Thinking, meeting in London

I was held in London the second project meeting of Handmade Creative Thinking (LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation), attended by the partners: CE.S.I.E (coordinators), Capture Arts (London), EuroMed Connect (Malta) and Seneca (Bologna).

Objectives of the the meeting were: analyse the first phase of the project and planning the work for the following stages; evaluate the research sessions (Focus Groups) conducted at Palermo, London, Malta and Bologna, and extract useful information for the course development; use the Creative Thinking tools during the work sessions to further our knowledge about it;


traffiking meeting

TC: “Peer education approach in trafficking prevention”

The project “Peer education approach in trafficking prevention” (Youth in Action Programme Training course, Action 3.1) has been developed through the recognition that trafficking is becoming a more and more relevant problem in certain countries, and there is a lack of information about how destructive it can be for the society. A solution is highly needed in both countries of origin and destination which are affected by this issue.

The TC was focused on the peer education as a tool to work for trafficking prevention. It involved people from 23 organisations: 13 partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Spain, and 10 partners from the 7 countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldavia, Russian Federation and Ukraine.



Italian Platform of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society

Completed the process of forming Italian Platform of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society.

CE.S.I.E is part of the about 40 Italian civil society organizations joining the Euromed Platform. The seminar took place the 23rd June 2010 in Rome to complete the constitutional process of the Italian Platform and to face the problems of civil society in the Euro-Mediterranean economic and political context.



Activity reports from 2006 to 2009

The reports available in English (soon available in Italian) collect CE.SI.E’s projects and activities from 2006 to 2009 that allow the readers to get an overall overview of the activities implemented by the association.

CE.S.I.E has a yearly growth of 40%, it is organised into 5 operative offices since 2006 (in Egypt, Malta, Nepal, Senegal and India) and coordinates a federation which is composed of more than 60 organisations active throughout the world who share the same mission and goals.

CE.SI.E’s activities are constantly increasing (in 2009 we have implemented 103 activities) and the overall quality of the activities carried out is improving through direct experience. 



Meeting “Abilities and Skills of the European Women” dedicated to the theme of equal opportunities

CE.S.I.E’s International Cooperation Department Coordinator Marie Marzloff was invited by the Municipality of Monforte San Giorgio (Messina) to present CE.SI.E. and to introduce the EuroMed Gender Connection Network during the European Conference within the EU project “ASEW – Abilities and Skills of the European Women” dedicated to the theme of Equal Opportunities set for the days 7th to 10th July 2010.