Forum for young people: nominations open for 3 participants

EuropeforCitizensCESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives opened nominations for 3 youngsters from 18 to 25 years for the Newtwin Project – Forum for Innovation of Town Twinning (European Commission, “Europe for Citizens” Program – Action 1.2.2).

Newtwin wants to promote and innovate the concept of “Town Twinning”, twinning among municipalities, thank to the creation of an handbook setting out innovative ideas and good practices in order to revitalize the relations among cities.

For this reason the project will involve voluntary youngsters from 8 different European countries (Latvia, Denmark, Romania, France, Bulgaria and Cyprus) in a youth forum that will be held in Palermo from the 01 of July to the 08 of July 2011.


Call for youth exchange in Latvia

groupWhat do we do this summer? IN LATVIA WITH ACTIVE FOOT! Are you young and active?

to assemble and unite youngsters from 4 countries in active, conscientious and useful 7 days workshops in the youth echanges project „Active FOOT” in Latvia, Gulbene district. The youth exchange will gather young people from different countries Latvia, Italy, France, Denmark. The youth exchange will be from the 24/07/2011 to the 31/07/2011.

The project will focus on environment; education through sport and outdoor activities – is based on 4 pillars – active life-style, culture, sustainable consumption and human learning. Main activitities: preparation (include APV); outdoor activities (“Green surviving day”, “Geo-box” etc.), creative workshops (“Explosion of colors”, “Butterflies around the Globe” etc.), culture and traditions activities, meeting with Gulbene district biological producers, charity campaign etc.; evaluation; dissemination and exploitation of results (video, photo) etc.


Call for EVS at Europahaus

natura e bambiniEuropahaus is located nearby Wien; Europahaus is a after school center for Kids elder than two years, where they can do the homeworks, play and do outdor activities including daily trips.

The center is made of a indoor area, and also a farm and a hort, where kids can help in doing small works such as picking vegetables.

The philosophy of the center is to involve kids in formal education, educative games and introduce them to work in a natural environment.

Next year Europahaus will guest a volunteer for three months; he or she will follow the working methods of the center helping the staff in the daily schedules, organizing trips, and sharing trough art and sports the most important values of the own culture.


Training course on Conflict Management

It will be held at Strumica, Macedonia, from 01 of July 2011 to 07 of July 2011, the training course on conflict management.

The aim of the training is to promote among the participants an active role in conflict situations with particular attention on young people affected by frozen conflicts in SEE and EECA region.

The objectives proposed by the training are to study conflict transformation and resolution, to promote Youth in Action program and to promote networking among participants.

The candidates should be over 18 years old, involved in youth work, have an highly motivation and be able to communicate in English.


Registrations open to participate to the Creative Learning Communities

creativitàCESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives’ Newsletter opened the nominations for the participants to the Creative Learning Communities who was established with the aim of strengthening the link between the vocational trainings and employment, introducing teachers, students and youngsters out of the educational system to new methods that want to develop creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

The Creative Learning Communities will be a web site through which everyone who wants can use innovative and training modules and can contribute to the development of new ones.

If you are a teacher, a student or an organization engaged in vocational training, you can participate with your experience, your ambitions and your needs to build a functional and useful educational tool. This course will help you to develop useful skills in both work and personal spheres.



“Crossing the Line”, meeting in Palermo

ctl palermoThe last transnational meeting of the project “Crossing the Line” took place in Palermo from 8th – 10th June 2011. During the last three days young people from the different cities involved in the project had the opportunity to meet together in Palermo. They have had the opportunity to share their experiences of making the documentaries about their lives and youth issues and also to get to know the hosting city of Palermo. They participated in a tour guided by the local youth, they visited the University of Palermo and they took part in two local festivals, one about sustainable development and one combating racism.

At the same time, the management team met in CESIE’s office to make the final decisions about the training products that have been created as result of the two-year project: a DVD containing the five final documentaries and a training manual.


ISPAW: welcome system for homeless in France

ISPAWOn June 08-09, 2011 was held in Lorient, in Britain, France, the last meeting of the ISPAW Project, the Grundtvig Learning Partnership, financed by the European program Long Life Learning (LLP). CESIE has participated with the local partners: Astalli Centre, Committee Fight for Housing 12 July and Caritas.

French partners, Radar B and Sauvegarde 56 from Lorient guided the participants to their Welcome centers for the homeless. In particular, the partners had the chance to visit the daily and night centers: Safran, it welcomes women and families with or without children, men with children who need accommodation, food, administrative and psychological assistance; Mosaik, it welcomes men from 18 to 25 years old, young people without family and income; Kergroise, it welcomes homeless accompanied by dogs. The structure also has some particular spaces used to host dogs and trainers who train the dogs in order to get them used to enclosed spaces.


The international conference on prevention of violence

stronger children PalermoFrom 11 to 13 of May 2011, Centre of European Studies and Initiatives (CESIE) and Ubuntu Cultures Centre organised an international conference about violence prevention education. The meeting took place at Link-Officine Mediterranee, within the project “Stronger Children, Less Violence” “DAPHNE” Programme, funded by the European Commission.

Teachers, trainers, parents and organisations engaged in training, had the occasion to discuss on how to educate preschool-age children to non-violent behaviour and how to prevent aggressive and bullying situations.

About 30 participants from 6 European countries took part in activities and seminars using different training methods (from social drama to non-verbal communication) and they also had the opportunity to visit three of the most operative centres for children in Palermo: the “Giardino di Madre Teresa”, “Santa Chiara” and “Ubuntu”. 


Work Based Learning approach for business companies

wbl meetingOn March 19 and 20 was held in Palermo the second meeting of the Erasmus Multilateral Project “An approach to Qualifications through Negotiated Work Based Learning for the EU – WBLQUAL” started by November 2010.

During the meeting, the five project partners (CESIE – IT, Staffordshire University – UK, Rigas Techniska Universitate – LV, Uniwesytet Lodzki – PL, Centre for Rural Research University of South Denmark, DK) shared and compared the main results from the activities foreseen for this phase of the project (research about employers’ view of WBL), being coordinated by CESIE as work package leader. These activities have sought to understand: a) if and how this approach is recognized as a way to improve workers’ skills; b) what are the needs of employers in relation to the technical/professional skills of their workers and how these can be acquired.


EXACT: the excellence academy for trainers arrived to Sweden

exact swedenFrom 26 to 28 of May 2011, CESIE was involved in a meeting that took place at Norrkooping, Sweden, about creation of a EXcellence ACadedemy for Trainers. The EXACT Project, developed by associations, schools and organisations involved in the education field, from 10 different countries (Italy, Holland, Spain, France, England, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Sweden) within the European Commission “Lifelong Learning Programme” (LLP), is realizing a real academy where trainers will share experiences and knowledge. The final aim of this platform (that will have both an on-line version – a website – and a paper one – an handbook) is to guide trainers to educate disadvantaged young people and prevent school drop-outs.

In Sweden, the group of participants discussed about both methods to integrate youngsters into labor -market and to define the last details of the service that EXACT will provide for users.


Fourth international meeting of DEVOTED

DEVOTED meetingAt the beginning of this month the fourth international meeting of Devoted – DEVelopment Of Trainers in Education took place in Moenchengladbach, Germany, by our partner Weiterbildungskolleg der Stadt Mönchengladbach”.

The DEVOTED project, funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, seeks to find good practices that support and stimulate adults and young people in learning process, and one of the objectives is to reduce the school dropout.

DEVOTED collects existing good practices in three thematic fields: intercultural communication, gender and diversity; key, social and citizenship competencies; creative skills and ICT competencies.


Senior volunteers of the project “Porta Nuova” began its training

foto gruppo porta nuovaThis May the group of Italian senior volunteers of the project PORTA NUOVA began its training to be ready for their volunteering experience in Cornwall next month. The project is a part of Give, a LLP programme for senior volunteers.

CESIE already hosted 6 English senior volunteers in Palermo. The Italian volunteers will be hosted by our partner Point Europa, which will take care to follow the group during their daily activities in Cornwall.

The training includes an English language course, which will help the volunteers to tackle the fear of a foreign language!


Handmade Creative Thinking of testimony by the testing

htcThe Testing of the HCT Manual and Modules on Creative Thinking ended few weeks ago. All partners are working to change the Manual on the basis of inputs received by artisans, artists, educators and students.

The newsletter number 3 gives us the direct testimony of those who participated in the Testing Phase of the Manual: an English artist and an Italian teacher tell us how this experience was meaningful for them.

Fourth meeting of the HCT project, with the participation of all partners to the meeting for the evaluation of the testing phase.

The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the testing phase of the Manual and Modules realised during February and March in all cities and participating countries (London, Malta, Palermo and Bologna). Manual and Modules (containing exercises on Creative Thinking) were developed by the partnership after the transfer of “The Capture System”, which uses creative thinking with children, to crafts and vocational training.