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Who’s afraid of peace?

The six ships en route to the Gaza Strip were charged with motor wheelchairs for the disabled, medicines, cement, bricks, timber, generators for electricity, desalination and water purifiers, tents for displaced people, a hundred prefabricated houses, children’s food, toys, clothing for a total of over 15 million of euro.

There is a voice message that arrived from the journalist Angela Lano, one of the six Italian activists survivors of the fleet dispatch aid to the Gaza Strip, stopped by deadly Israeli blitz.

We all know well the chronicle of the tragedy, we saw the news, heard on the radio, read from the international news agency. We are outraged, we shivered, we were angry in the face of violence so blind, almost mechanical.


EVS: Voices from around the world

The candidatures for the EVS project “Voices from around the world” (from October- to April 2010) will be closed on 5/07/2010

Place of realization: Senegal (Dakar and CASAMANCE), Nepal (Katmandu), India (Bhubaneswar).

Activities and project description: educational activities will take place with children, young people and adults such as entertainment activities in schools, awareness campaigns, activities to promote the area and networking.



Seminare France Tourlaville

Seminare France Tourlaville from the 28th June to the 3rd July.

Certain forms of education or learning practices lead to a form of perception of women that may cause, sometimes without being fully aware, violent behaviors. The focus will be put on the educative dimension as well as learning patterns to identify and prevent violence factors to operate.

Themes have been thought in order to bring participants to think about young women specific situation.



“Crossing the Line – Palermo”, editing phase

The film “Crossing the Line – Palermo” is coming to an end. After twelve meetings during May, the editing team has more than 15 hours of audiovisual material with which they will done a montage for the final documentary.

The young participants coming from La Noce, Ciaculli, Brancaccio, Ciaculli and Via Messina Marina have spent very nice time during this period, since the first meeting in San Saverio’s Church until the last interviews in the neighborhood La Noce. They have had the chance to know different people and realities of Palermo and they have learnt how to record with a video-camera.



Handmade Creative Thinking

The research sessions of the project “Handmade Creative Thinking” with craftsmen, artists, educators and students have finished, during which we analysed the creative learning needs of the participants (20 in total) through practical activities, discussions and questionnaires , always using the techniques of Creative Thinking.

The objectives of these meetings were: iInform participants about the project “Handmade Creative Thinking” and their contribution to the creation of a training course on techniques of Creative Thinking applied to them; analyse through their active participation what are their learning needs, how is the job market now and what are the artisans, apprentices, artists, students and trainers’ specific challenges to work;



DEVOTED: Development of Trainers in Education

CE.S.I.E is pleased to invite all local educators and social workers to attend an international meeting which involves social workers and educators from four European countries (Germany, Britain, Italy, Romania and the Netherlands).

For the occasion the partners will show and share the first results of the project DEVOTED- Development of Trainers in Education. This will be a moment of testing and sharing of experiences and activities in the field of non-formal education for youth and adults.

The meeting is open to all educators and social workers and will be held the 29thJune at 16:30 at our new office in Via Roma, 94 Palermo.



Meeting: CoNet – Cohesion Network URBACT

The CoNet meeting – Cohesion Network URBACT II – on 27 and 28 May 2010 in Alba Iulia focused on participation. Participants used the “Future Workshop” method developed by Robert Jungk to elaborate ideas and strategies for the ” Lumea Nouă – New World” neighbourhood a disadvantaged part of Alba Iulia with 1900 inhabitants. Two parallel groups one in Romanian, one in English both saw the need to involve representatives for the neighbourhood in future decisions and developments.



Training course: Act now to break up violence!

From 6th to 12th June was held in Palermo, at the Carmelite Monastery in Ballarò, a training course entitled: Act now to break up violence!

The project, funded by the Council of Europe through EYF (European Youth Foundation), involved participants from different countries belonging to the Council of Europe (specifically: Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany) aims to develop a critical awareness among youth on the theme of violence in all its forms, stimulating the debate on this issue, emphasizing the different approaches deriving from different cultures. 



CreMoLe: Create, Motivate and Learn

CE.S.I.E is involved in the implementation of the project entitled: CreMoLe – Create – Motivated – Learn, a project funded under the Grundtvig programme.

The project is developed in partnership with organizations from Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

The project aims to identify factors related to motivating adults’ participation and persistence in LLL processes. Also, the project plans to compile a set of creative and critical thinking strategies to be used by adult educators to more successfully motivate adults to participate in LLL processes.

Under this project, CE.S.I.E is organizing a workshop that will be held in Palermo, from 5th to 8th September.


Year for combating poverty and social exclusion

CE.S.I.E is a member of the EU stakeholders expert group on the European Year 2010 for combating poverty and social exclusion. That’s for one CE.S.I.E representative will take part in the next expert meeting that will be held in the European Commission Offices in Brussels on Monday 21th June 2010.