“Act now to break up violence!”

Consiglio d'EuropaThis project is to raise the awareness about the difficult problems of violence that feature our societies nowadays, and to incite young people to reflect and act on it. The project will approach violence in a general way as we aim to include diverse types of violence that are common in the diverse European countries.


Call for EVS in Cambodia – project “Interface II”

phon-penh-mercatoCall for EVS in Cambodia – project “Interface II”- 6 months duration: September 2010 – February 2011

we are looking for 3 volunteers to work in three different NGOs in Phnom Penh: Youth for Peace (YFP); Youth resource development Program (YRDP); bbjshare.it


Film “Crossing the Line”

riprese“Crossing the Line” (“Across the Line”) is a project that results in a documentary on the lives of young people from different European cities. It gets its name because it was originally filmed in Liverpool, a city where there is an imaginary border between the north and the south of the city. In Palermo there are many lines of youngsters’ life converging on the weekend in Politeama Square. And it has been there where CE.SIE together with the boys and girls participating in the project developed a new activity on Saturday.


Door to Europe: Mobility Opportunities

youthCE.S.I.E offers the following opportunities:

1) The seminar Violence towards Women will take place from the 28th June to the 3rd July in Tourlaville – France. The participants will have the chance to face this issue in an intercultural context. They will be involved in the different activities and presentations phases, in order to enrich the project and be active part of the project implementation.



fotoispawISPAW is a Grundtvig Learning Partnerhsip whose aim is to transfer competences as well as to exchange professional methods helping social structures to welcome and to accompany homeless persons. The targets are associations or institutions which accommodate and coach youth suffering from family breakdown, on the way to marginalization and without a real home. The partnership gathers partners from France, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Poland.



Stronger Children, Less Violence

CE.S.I.E, together with Ubuntu, is participating in the development of a training course (Daphne – DG Justice, Freedom and Security) for teachers and care assistants throughout Europe who work with children on the themes of violence and children’s rights.

The first regional meeting was held on the 14th May. During the meeting, the participants shared their experiences and activities and methods that they use with children to prevent violence.



Peer Education for Trafficking prevention

This project has been developed through the recognition that trafficking is becoming a more and more relevant problem in certain countries, and there is a lack of information about how destructive it can be for the society. A solution is highly nedded in both sending and host counties which are affected by this issue.

The TC will focus on the peer education as a tool to work for trafficking prevention in both sending and host countries.


youth foundation

Administrative Grant

The European Youth Foundation grant financial aid to international youth NGOs and networks to contribute to their annual administrative costs. CE.S.I.E received a grant from this programme and consequently is recognized by the Council of Europe as European Youth organization.



Inventare il futuro

The project “Inventing the Future in Ballarò” is a project of 24 months (June 2008 – June 2010 – Call for proposals of the Foundation of the South) at its second phase of activity. Last year a vocational training programme was conducted for young women (Italian and immigrant) aged between 17 and 21 years, unemployed, who have not graduated high school and are residents in the district Albergheria – Ballarò Palermo.



green busines

On april 29th , within the premises of Ce.S.I.E was held the first meeting of the project “Go Green Europe” developed in the framework of PROGRESS programme – a project that aims to share knowledge and best practices among SMEs, through the identification of eco-friendly and “green” business measures. The project focuses on how SMEs can be encouraged to invest time and resources in environmental efficiency improvement measures, in deprived locations and in sectors which are highly vulnerable (to recession, to climate change and to other threats).




CE.S.I.E in collaboration with the Culture Centre Ubuntu is working on the development of the module for the educators and teachers in Europe who are working with the children on the themes of violence and their rights.

Within the project called “Stronger Children, Less Violence” (2009 – 2011) funded by “DG Justice, Daphne – Combating Violence Against Women and Children” there will be an opportunity for educators, teachers, parents and institutions, that work on these issues, to contribute their own experiences and then test the module.



Prism Meeting

Sicily was chosen historically as a place of transit, everybody’s and nobody’s land. For centuries, different people have settled here with their cultures and their history: the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish… One after another have left their mark and have gradually established today’s Sicily. Palermo was thus the place for groups of people coming from different Mediterranean countries to reflect together on the notions of complex and present such as identity, religion or cultural diversity.




CE.S.I.E took part in this meeting (Rome – 27th April 2010) that aimed to constitute the Italian Branch of the EUROMED Non-governmental Platform.