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Vittorio Arrigoni: a life given to Humanity

“We won’t leave, because we believe that our presence as eye witnesses of the ongoing crimes against the helpless population, is fundamental”.

This is what Vittorio Arrigoni wrote during the most atrocious days of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when there were uncountable deaths and everyone was running away from that strip of land, because this was his life: to stay close to the most vulnerable people, always.

And now that an unreasonable gesture, of unjustified violence has killed him, his words and his non violent fight in Gaza, echoes like thunder.

The Palestinians are the first victims as well as the astonished spectators of what happened, yet they are also Vittorio’s first orphans, since he has been their voice thanks to his firsthand efforts during the last few years. 



Anna Lindh Foundation: “Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship”

Anna Lindh Foundation 2011 Initiative: “Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship – Exchanging Practices on Participation and Democracy”

About the Initiative

During the last few months, the Mediterranean landscape has witnessed a wave of historical changes. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and other social mobilizations in the region have demonstrated that youth and civil society are eager for more freedom, social change, and consolidation of democratic values within their respective societies.

In this context, and in response to the concern of its National Networks about the implications and challenges that this historical shift can bring to the Foundation’s work and the civil society at large, the Anna Lindh Foundation decided to launch a region wide initiative titled “Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship -Exchanging Practices on Participation and Democracy”.



“Present Continuous!”, the beginning of a new story

Present Continuous!The project “Present Continuous! Workshop on memory and present of Europe” is starting this Saturday 2nd April. It will last nine days during which 43 people from 13 different countries will participate in different activities with the intergenerational contact between them as one of the more interesting points of the encounter.

CESIE is the coordinating organisation and each of the other partner organisations is sending at least two participants, one older than 45 and the other one younger than 30.


Senior volunteering from Cornwell to Palermo

senior volIn March the Porta Nuova programme dedicated to senior volunteers over 50 from Cornwall has been carried out. The project is a part of Give, a L.L.P. programme for senior volunteers.

“Porta Nuova” is conducted with the partnership of the English organization Point Europa and it consists in a voluntary work period of three weeks (from 15/03 to 5/04) for six volunteers that are over 50 years old. The volunteers are involved in educational activities for three kindergartens-Child education Centers (Ubuntu, Santa Chiara, Giardino di madre Teresa) which are committed to offer a valid Primary Education to immigrant and non- immigrant children living in neighborhoods with infrastructure deficiency.

The experience has been very productive for the Centers, the volunteers, and especially for us since we were the co-organizers. Indeed it was very fulfilling, rewarding and exciting for us.


Creative Learning Community

Creating a training tool that can be used by educators working with at-risk groups, like immigrants and unemployed youngsters is the goal of the Creative Learning Community (CLC), a project started on March 15 in Palermo. The basic idea of CLC is to create a learning space where creative thinking and all its related tools, can be used to acquire competences in the entrepreneurial field.

The project will last for two years and it is funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) and especially by the Development of Innovation multilateral project, so its goal is to create a totally new tool for the Training and Professional Education area. For the accomplishment of the project CESIE is collaborating with Austrian, English, Maltese and Polish associations and enterprises.

Teachers, trainers, students, immigrants, unemployed, youngsters, adults and people who dropped out of school early.


Media education, the European project on new technologies begins

media educationReducing violence in the use of media and new technologies and increasing the awareness of their connected risks and negative aspects for target groups (youngsters from 10 to 16 years old, children, parents , teachers etc.)

This is the goal of the “Virtual stage against violence” project, that involves organizations from Italy, Romania, Austria and Germany.

On March 16 and 17 in Palermo there will be an opening meeting of the “Virtual stage against violence” project, funded by the European Commission’s DAPHNE III program.

The project, that will last for two years, is based on the assumption that new technologies, which have become the main information carriers, are always more accessible to children and youngsters.


Handmade Creative Thinking: testing phase

htc meetingThe testing phase (February and March 2011) of the prototype of the project Handmade Creative Thinking (LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation) has recently ended, consisting on the testing of a Manual and two Modules and with exercises “do-it-yourself” on Creative Thinking. The prototype was developed after the research phase and the transfer of the product “The Capture System”, based on the use of Creative Thinking with children, to the crafts, art and vocational training fields.

The group of participants in the testing phase of Palermo was composed of 13 people with different professional backgrounds, mainly in the field of crafts and art, but also of teachers and students from different disciplines interested in the development of Creative Thinking.

The main objective of the test was to see if the Manual and Modules created are suitable for the target audience and if they can be used independently by the users.



Crossing the Line – Palermo”, testing phase and photo-blog

The project “Crossing the Line” is going towards its final stage. The closing encounter of the project is going to take place in Palermo from 7th to 11th June 2011. During those days representatives from all partner organizations will meet as well as youth from the different countries. The final activity, on 10th evening, will be a public screening of the completed DVD “Crossing the Line”, which contains the documentaries made in each country.

The English coordinating partner of the project has created a photo-blog in order to enhance the contact between young people of the different countries before this final meeting.

At CESIE’s office there has already been a first meeting with the Palermitan youth group, who already visited the blog and started to work together with the staff in the activities planning that will take place in June.


Exploring current approaches to strengthen social cohesion in neighborhoods

During the CoNet Final Conference on 31st March 2011 in Berlin CESIE and the Department for youth Affairs of the Municipality of Palermo and other 100 participants from the 11 CoNet partner cities and associated Managing Authorities presented and exchanged results of the network. Lead Expert Prof. Dr. Rotraut Weeber elaborated the seven core tasks improving disadvantaged neighbourhoods outlined in CoNet’s Guide to Social Cohesion that was presented at the Final Conference.

The Guide reports the experience of some institutions being members of the Local Support Group CoNet Palermo, including: Networking for legality and project sinergie, Libera Palermo, Centro internazionale delle culture Ubuntu Creating connections through children and a circus atmosphere and Centro Astalli Civic action—know where there is real need. 


Reciprocal Maieutic Approach: the second newsletter of EDDILI project

Danilo DolciCESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives has published the second newsletter of EDDILI – To Educate is to Make Possible the Discovery of Life project.

The project takes inspiration from the social and educational work of Danilo Dolci, peacemaker and sociologist who first came to Sicily from the North of Italy in the beginning of the 1950s in order to study the conditions of society and try to find the possible elements of change.

EDDILI is the result of cooperation between seven organizations from six European countries (Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland) aimed at introducing, experimenting and sharing the reciprocal maeutic approach (RMA) of Danilo Dolci as an educational approach to be used in the field of training of adult learning staff. EDDILI is being implemented in all partner countries simultaneously, achieving this way a strong multiplying effect and a strong European dimension.


Lifelong Learning: educational tools and approaches

educationWe can often find a gap between the large number of potentially useful but often semi-finished educational tools and approaches, which have been developed in EU-projects in education and training. There is a need to test these tools in different environments, adapt and further develop them so that they can be made widely available to education professionals who work with difficult lifelong learning target groups.

The EXACT project, funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, aims at closing this gap. Therefore this EU-project: analyses, further develops and, disseminates results of a number of EU-projects, focussing on.


CreMoLe: published the flyer

The partnership of the project CreMoLe Create – Motivate – Learn has recently published the information flyer that can be downloaded from our site.

The project aims to identify factors related to motivating adults’ participation and persistence in Lifelong Learning processes.

Also, the project plans to compile a set of creative and critical thinking strategies to be used by adult educators to more successfully motivate adults to participate in Lifelong Learning processes.