CVE – Corporate volunteering to seek cooperation between schools and the world of work

CVE - Volontariato aziendale per cercare la cooperazione tra le scuole e il mondo del lavoroThe sixth meeting of the project CVE – Corporate volunteering as a bridge between the world of school and the world of work was held in Iasi (Romania) on 23 and 24 May. CVE is a Comenius project within the Life-Long Learning Programme, financed by the European Commission, which aims to develop a coordinated approach for professional trainers with regard to the cooperation opportunities between schools and the world of work. This will be obtained through innovative techniques and by preparing trainers (teachers, headmasters, school personnel), who will be able in turn to develop training activities in the field of cooperation between school and work.

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Open Talent

OPEN TalentCESIE and the partners of project APQ Inventare il futuro introduce Open Talent, the artistic contest for young talents.

The contest is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 25, who may participate by singing, dancing, playing an instrument or acting. The subscription is free and will take place in Centro OPEN in piazza Fonderia 12 from Monday to Friday, between 15:00 and 18:00, up to 24 June 2013.

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LION (Learning, lIving, wOrking for Neet-group) For a holistic approach of work with NEETs

Logo LIONLION is a Grundtvig multilateral project, addressing the issue of NEETs, a critical European topic of those days. The acronym NEET refers to all young people who are : Not in Employment, Education or Training. Those youngsters are thus apart from the job market and educational or training institutions, which makes it even more difficult to reach them for social workers.

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Training Course “Let’s Bridge the Gap! – LBTG”: we are looking for 2 Italian participants

Let's Bridge the Gap!CESIE is looking for 2 Italian participants – between youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers, LGBTIQ activists, artists and young people using new media – for the Training Course “Let’s Bridge the Gap! – LBTG”, within Youth in Action Programme- Action 3.1, that will take place in Palermo from the 15th to 24thof June 2013.

42 young people from 15 countries (Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Ukraine) for 9 days will express their opinion concerning sexuality, discrimination, stereotypes and issues related to LGBTIQ world (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersexual, Queer).

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On 23 May Panormus takes to the streets

Il 23 Maggio Panormus scende in piazzaAlso this year, for the 21st memorial for the Capaci massacre, CESIE and the partners of project Panormus, co-financed by Fondazione per il Sud in cooperation with Enel Cuore, will participate actively to the demonstration. In the morning of 23 May, the operators of the project will be present at the “Legality Camp” in Piazza Magione, with many activities aimed at educating to legality, workshops and recreational events to receive, along with anti-mafia associations, police forces and Civil defense, the schools and students which will be present from whole Italy and 13 European countries.

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Mo(ve)ments of Inclusion training course: call for 1 Italian participant

MOI - Mo(ve)ments of InclusionThe training course “Mo(ve)ments of Inclusion” (MOI), aimed at youth workers, project leaders, volunteers and artists, will take place in Palermo from the 29th of June to the 7thof July.

CESIE is looking for an Italian participant to take part in this innovative and participative training course that will include activities on movement techniques, dance and body expression. It will use creativity to highlight solidarity, self-confidence and self reflection in the work with young people at risk or in situation of social exclusion and marginalization, while promoting the exchange of best practices in the youth work field.

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SPACIT becomes a good practice

SPACIT diventa una buona praticaWe are very happy to announce that our Lifelong Learning Comenius project “SPACIT” has been identified as one of 30 good practice projects within the E.N.T.E.R network. On behalf of the European Commission, E.N.T.E.R. screened projects and results from different European funding programmes to identify 30 good practice projects in the field of later learning.

SPACIT addresses the lack of a systematic education development to make a critical and reflexive use of spatial data/information. The project introduces a competence model and curriculum for secondary education, and provides an interdisciplinary approach connecting social sciences, civics education, geoinformatics, didactics and teacher training.

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Academic Development – Management and Leadership

The training conference for the academic staff of the 8 Armenian and Georgian partner universities at CIEP – Centre international d’études pédagogiques, 29 April -3 May 2013 at Sevres in Franc, within the Tempus IV project MAHATMA Master in Higher Education Management, Developing leaders for managing educational transformationhas focused on the academic development and training in order to:

  • build our MAHATMA community by sharing ideas, needs, knowledge and experiences
  • help individual universities to develop their programmes and courses
  • explore and pursue opportunities for collaboration
  • deliver and develop plans for the training of academic and administrative colleagues (WP2); and
  • review our progress and prepare for the next steps of our journey!

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ALF Forum Marsiglia 2013

ALF Forum Marsiglia 2013CESIE took part in the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum held in Marseilles on 4-7 April.

Aiming at bringing citizens of the Euromed together, the 2013 Forum was launched under the slogan of “Citizens for the Mediterranean”, reflecting on the need for intercultural dialogue and cooperation to deal with challenges facing the region following historic Arab Awakening and the social impact of the economic crisis in Europe.

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Pointing towards development – CESIE meets the students

Seminario - Orientarsi verso lo sviluppoLast 7th of May CESIE attended the third seminary of the project “Pointing towards development – theory and practice of new economic paradigms” carried out in the home room of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Palermo, and promoted by the students’ union UDU. The meeting, whose topic was “Legality and Development – New opportunities for entrepreneurship and civil cooperation”, also hosted the representatives from the associations Sicilia Libera, Addio Pizzo and ENGIM.

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“ProLang”, 2nd meeting in Bratislava (Slovakia)

ProLang - Secondo meeting a BratislavaThe second encounter of the project “ProLang (Promotion of less used European Languages to youth on the move)” has taken place in Bratislava (Slovakia) the 18th and 19th April 2013. After a phase of analysis and identification of good practices for promotion among institutions providing language courses, partners were meeting to arrive to conclusions, take decisions for the next steps of the project and start testing the on-line platform that the project foresees to create. This tool is intended to be innovative, attract test-takers and be enjoyable, giving also a diagnostic about the language skills of the user. The on-line platform is available under the domain and it is still under construction. It will be available from 15th of June.

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Training Course: “Towards a Stronger Non Formal Education”

Towards a Stronger Non Formal EducationFrom the 15th to 23rd of June 2013 will take place in Beja, Portugal, the training course “Towards a stronger non-formal education” : 28 young people from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Hungary, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan will meet to develop new methods to increase quality in the field of youth work in the Euromediterranean area . During the training course, activities will be organized through non-formal education, that will be deeply enriched by the multicultural experience of its participants.

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With creativity to success!

With creativity to success!From the 5th to 13th of August 2013 will take place in Haskovo, Bulgaria, the International exchange “With creativity to success!”: 21 youngsters from France, Bulgaria and Italy will meet to discuss about youth unemployment and to develop new methods, solving different national situations. Through innovative and participative methodologies, the exchange will be an opportunity to the participants to improve creative and entrepreneurial skills, that are important for a personal and professional change also at social level.

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Europe on the Move! – Join in

Europe on the Move! - Join inFrom the 11th to the 19th of June in Bernau (Berlin), Germany, will take place the exchange “Europe on the move – Join in!”: for 8 days young people from Italy, Ireland, Germany and Poland will discover the importance of sport and nature through excursions in the Bernau woods and experiences like futsal ( 7 players) season. They will be involved in sporting activities, like climbing and swimming. If you take part in the project, you could join international experience with your sporting passion.

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Our Time!

Our timeEven today , the generation gap between older and younger people seems too wide to be bridged. How we can find a way to fill the gap? How we can establish a dialogue between different generations? From the 22nd to 29th of June 2013, 25 youngsters from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Lithuania will meet in Lisbon for “Our time!” project. It will be an opportunity to discuss about intergenerational dialogue with peer from all over Europe. Also through non-formal methodologies and specific cycle of activities, with the participation of senior people, young people will be able to explore and experience intergenerational dialogue.

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VIRA – Volunteering in Rural Area

VIRA - Volunteering in Rural AreaCESIE is looking for 1 person from Italy to participate in the project Volunteering in Rural Area – VIRA II. within the programme Youth in Action – European Voluntary Service. The project will take place in Nagyvazsony, Hungary and will last one year starting in September. Nagyvazsony is a historical town close to Veszprem, the capital city of the county and to lake Balaton, the ‘Hungarian See’. The region is famous for its castles and its natural resources.

In the project VIRA II. the volunteer can work with the local youth, assist the activities of the association, mainly supporting activities connected to the management of Media (to work with audio and video materials ) and the international projects. He/she will be also encouraged to propose new ideas and to express his/her opinion about the development of activities.

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Overwhelmed by a masala destiny in Bhubaneswar

Since the beginning “waiting” has been the key word to properly define our experience of National Civil Service Abroad.

Anyone who experienced the National Civil Service knows how long and complicated is the procedure: waiting for the call; project selection; careful submission of the documentation; waiting for the sending organization feed back; waiting for possible interview; waiting for results and if positive, last waiting for the start of the project. We can say that in the case of the “Inclusion and Dialogue through Action (IN.DI.A.)” project of CESIE the waiting was even longer.

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