ALCE Seminar – Innovative Strategies for integration of migrant and senior women

alce-seminario-kaunasIn September 2014 ALCE dissemination seminar will be hosted by the Lithuanian partner Seniors Initiatives Centre in Kaunas, Lithuania. The last event of the ALCE project will be attended by national coordinators, trainers and learners coming from Austria, Italy, France, Lithuania and UK.

The aim of the seminar is to present ALCE Pedagogical Manual – Innovative Strategies for the participation and integration of migrant and senior women – to adult educators, civil society organizations and the general public. The seminar will start with a reflection on ALCE activities throughout this two-year project (10:00 till 10:30), later learners will share and talk about their experiences (10:30 till 11:00). The following session will be devoted to the presentation of ALCE Pedagogical Manual (11:00 till 11:30). After the coffee break, smaller groups of adult educators will learn how to use the Pedagogical Manual (12:00 till 13:00). Afterwards, the seminar participants will have a unique opportunity to taste national and fusion dishes from ALCE recipe book cooked by the learners in the modern kitchen of the sectoral practical training centre.

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SUNIA GEEL 2: online the manuals of the Domestic Violence Response Programme

suniageel2-manuale-violenza-domestica100 of Muslim women and young people have been involved in the Domestic Violence Response Programme in the framework of the Daphne project SUNIA GEEL 2 (

Throughout 20 workshops (10 addressed to women and 10 to young people), the participants shared their perceptions and/or experiences about domestic violence. Due to the sensitivity and to avoid invasive approaches, the workshops were based on artistic methodologies that supported the set of intense sharing moments among participants. At the same time, the use of images encouraged the participants to express themselves.

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Video IN2SAI – Discover your new dream

IN2SAI intends to increase the participation of female students in higher education studies in sciences fields (especially those relevant for aeronautics), contributing to enhance the attractiveness of scientific studies and careers in Aeronautic Industry among the female population, thereby stimulating gender balance in areas where females remain the underrepresented gender.

in2saiThis video is the first out of three awareness-raising videos which will be produced throughout the life of the project to convey these messages, break stereotypes and enhance women’s participation in science and Aeronautic Industry.

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Video KNOW, a call to develop youth skills

Training course KNOW, a call to develop youth skills took place in Palermo, Italy on 5-13 July 2014, funded with the support of the European Commission, under the Youth in Action Programme, Action 4.3.

know-video-thumbIt brought together from 5th till 13th of July – 40 participants of various age from Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and UK to learn, share and motivate.

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