2011: European Year of Volunteering

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever”, Kofi Annan said. It is in this spirit that 100 million Europeans dedicate their time and expertise to help those in need.

To highlight these efforts and encourage more citizens to join in, the European Commission kicked off the 2011 European Year of Volunteering, with the slogan: “Volunteer! Make a difference!”.

“Volunteering is one of the key dimensions of active citizenship and democracy, putting European values such as solidarity and non-discrimination into action”.

This is the statement of the Decision that formalizes the designation of the year 2011 as the European Year of Volunteering Activities promoting active citizenship.


Close to the Egyptians, for democracy and change

Proteste in Egitto“The young Egyptians need your support” our friends and partners write in the last hours about the tension that is getting worse in Egypt, telling us the events, protests, fears, problems, the desire of change, the need of democratic choices for the future of a nation.

So CESIE – Centre of European Studies and Initiatives – support Egyptian movement that, on the wake of Tunisian events, with courage and determination, is denouncing the demanding of social and economic policies that can give hope and perspective of a better future of Egypt.

And as we see in the popular movement and in the this demand one of the highest democracy form, we believe that these popular requests are able to realize the growth of a society, in a improvement process, desirable in every country.


Establish in Palermo the Sicilian NGO Coordination

ongDecember the 22nd took place in Palermo at “CESIE – Centre of European Studies and Initiatives” the meeting of the founding partners for the establishment of “CONGASS – NGO Coordination and Solidarity Sicilian Associations”.

After several months of preparation meetings, a group of Sicilian organizations have formed a regional coordination of NGOs, which in many other regions of Italy is a reality now stable, in order to create a common reference point for those who deal with reality international solidarity in Sicily and give a single reference to public administration in the funds management and policies for cooperation.


Call for Training Course on Civic Cross-Cultural Competencies for Elementary School Teachers

Miracle meetingAfter the international meeting of the Comeius project MIRACLE held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in January 2011 the MIRACLE consortium is pleased to invite elementary school teachers of the EU27 to apply for the in the training course: Comenius LLP – Training Course on Civic Cross-Cultural Competencies for Elementary School Teachers 16 – 21 October 2011 Berlin, Germany.

In the five-day course, learning and teaching material centred on critical-intercultural learning, and flight and migration will be introduced.

The long term aim of the training course is to enable pupils with a migration background of realising a more successful school career.  


DEEP.Com – dissemination and exploitation of EU projects: Transition to Commercialisation

deepcom meetingKA4 (dissemination and exploitation of results, and exchange) multilateral project, Lifelong Learning Programme – first international meeting held in Vienna, Austria the 10th- 13th January 2011.

Since 2000 a vast variety of LLP projects have been developed under the Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Comenius and Transversal Programmes. A total of more than 4,5 billion Euros has been spent by the Commission on these projects with the aim to let EU project results become direct contributions to the advancement of the EU economy.

DEEP.Com aims to enhance the number of the LLP projects being successful – in the meaning of commercial success – assisting project managers to make contact with potential users, by utilizing existing bodies e.g. trade unions, teacher and trainer associations, chamber of commerce, industrial bodies, SMEs, ministries and HR organization on one hand and by translating project results into marketable products on the other, functioning as a business platform linking EU projects to professional associations and companies around Europe offering appropriate online services and training for EU project coordinators.


Test Creative Thinking

impresa creativaIt is with a very great pleasure that the CESIE is ready to launch the prototype of the Handbook on the use of Creative Thinking within the handcraft, artistic and vocational training activities. This handbook comprises two schedules with exercises, tests and various learning activities and has been establishes within the Handmade Creative Thinking Project.

All the category representatives of which the project turns to have to test this project. If you feel like it, you can be one of the forerunners to use this instrument so that you can develop skills concerning

Creative Thinking activities. This instrument can also be useful to support the activities you deal with, and at the same time it can develop your business.


Eddili-Network of ALS

EDDILIThe EDDILI network of ALS aims at promoting more coordinated approaches among ALS within the adult education field, to share experience and lessons learned and chart future activities and projects together.

As a final valorization part of the EDDILI training courses an international seminar has been held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, on 26 – 29 September 2010. The seminar brought together adult learners, trainers and adult learning staff as well as European, national, regional and local experts in the field of adult education. It offered thematic key speeches and reflections about the future challenges facing adult education in Europe. During the meeting in Rotterdam project coordinators, trainers and ALS worked on networking together by giving inputs and encouraging ALS to set up and develop a network between them.


kick-off meeting of the project Inventing the future

Porte AperteGet to the hearth of the project “Inventing the future” funded by APQ “Giovani protagonisti di sé e del territorio” that through various actions and activities, will develop the issues of active citizenship, legality and interculture.

Indeed it was held Wednesday, January 19th from 16:00 in Piazza Tavola Tonda the event “Porte Aperte” that marked the passage from the promotion and advertising of the project to the beginning of workshops and to the opening of the multipurpose center O.P.E.N. (People Empowerment Opportunities News). During the event organized by the guys contacted throughout the itinerant journey of the Infobus around the city, there were performances and concerts arranged by the young people living in Palermo and extemporaneous workshops.


EVS in Moldova: Urban Eco-Art

EVS MoldaviaThe NATIONAL CENTER FOR CIVIL SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT (NCCSD) is a non-governmental organization that has been working to strengthen its engagement with civil society and has a team built up of law, economy, social development, public dministration, civic engagement and community experts which have a rich national and international experience acquired as a result of their research and participation in various projects.

We are contributing to promote initiatives in the benefit of the civil society sector and to achieving all our development objectives, especially for young and socially vulnerable people, which will in effect greatly influence the evolution to a veritable and well established democratic consolidation.

Urban Eco-Art – Place: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Number of volunteers: 5 – Project duration: 6, 9, 12 months. Field of work: Art & Culture.


Call for EVS in Spain

basidaThe EVS project will take place in the home that BASIDA has in Manzanares.

Manzanares is a town in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La-Mancha, located 10 km. away from Ciudad Real and 175 km. from Madrid city.

The home of Basida is located 10 kms. away from the city. Due to this distance, all people in the organisation offer transport facilities to the volunteers if it is needed or if they need it.

We will now detail the variety of programmes we carry out: this program tries to offer a fitting place, a warm home and a family for those people of both sexes, drug addicts, HIV-positives, AIDS people, as well as other terminal diseases due to the advanced stage of the disease they have no other alternative than dying in prison, in the hospital or in the street.


Biodiversity and multiculturality

giovaniLeonido, a beautifull location in the heart of Arkadia, will host the international meeting about two important subjects: multiculturality and biodiversity.

Here from 18/02/2011 to 28/02/2011 forty-two volunteers in between 19and 25 years old, coming from Israel, Turkey, France, Italy and Jordan will meet together.

The meeting schedule include practical activities such as botanical workshops, escursions in the natural park and artistic workshops. At the same time there will be studies about local traditions like the Tsakones dialect and intercultural activities such as a Turkish dances workshop.


Vocational Education and Training, meeting in Cornovaglia

maven partner staffFrom January the 10th, 2011 to January the 13th, 2011; Kick-off meeting Maven was set in Cawsand, Cornwall.

The word Maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yddish, and means: “One who understands, based on accumulation of knowledge”.

According to its linguistic roots, Maven Leonardo Learning Partneship aims to promote improved the acces to Vocational Education and Training (VET) by the migrants and minority community.

The project will last until the half of 2012 and will take place in several European countries where the learners will be given a vocational training about job, they can create networks, and sharing problems and solutions trough the “My story method”, already used in the Grundtvig program “M3”.


Encounters project ended

VolontariIn December 2010 Encounters project ended. This project has given the opportunity to four English boys to do volunteering at “Palma nana” in an area of nature reserve of the Regional Park Madonie “Serra Guarneri.

The aim is to develop their social skills and basic life skills: communication skills (listening and speaking another language), problem solving, working with others/working groups, acquisition and/or improvement of skills for future jobs.

The four British volunteers have participated in daily and seasonal activities of Serra Guarneri, in relation with training and assessment activities carried out by CESIE.