INSART: call for participants for an artistic workshop in Palermo

insart-call-webAre you between 16 and 25 years old?

Are you unemployed and are looking for a new challenge?

If yes, then INSART is for you!

INSART is an innovative LLP-Grundtvig-funded project which aims to provide real opportunities for personal and professional development for disadvantaged young people and young people from immigrant backgrounds across 5 European countries.

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Capacity building in Quality Assurance, experiences and exchange

Capacity building in Assicurazione della Qualità, scambi ed esperienzeThe Tempus training event hold in Utrecht at QANU [a quality assurance agency which primarily aims at assessing degree and research programmes offered by universities in the Netherlands] aimed to build on the capacity of the Albanian Higher Education System – and its relevant actors in HEIs, the Public Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education(PAAHE) and the Ministry of Science and Sports to be strengthened in managing a process- and outcome-based methodology.

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Art, dance & music to combat social exclusion

insart-arte-danza-musica-bigFrom June the 30th to July the 5th, more than 5 artists and 5 project managers met in Liège (Belgium) for a residential training, as part of the 2 year LLP Grundtvig-funded project INSART. The workshops included training on the basis of intercultural psychology as well as a socio-artistic training through which each participant developed its own artistic video-performance, starting from a personal idea. Thanks to this training, the five artist-facilitators will elaborate on their own artistic workshop, to be carried out in each participating country with 10 to 15 young job-seekers.

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Face to Success: last steps

Face to SuccessThe last mobility of the project “Face to Succes” – Grundtvig Learning Partnership, under the programme LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) took place in Nagyvázsony, Hungary, on the 23rd of May 2014. The six European partners (the coordinator Diagonál Magyarország Ifjúságsegítők Országos Szervezete from Hungary, CESIE from Italy, Grenville Battery Trust from UK, NC Future Now from Bulgaria, IKA Asociatia Tinere from Romania and Naturfreunde Thüringen e.V. from Germany) together with learners, consisting of Roma and migrant community representatives, visited the Hungarian Roma communities and local voluntary associations. the three days of meeting ended with a conference about Roma and migrant communities integration within the local communities, attended by several government representatives, members of voluntary associations and civic society.

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The beginning of the SoC story in 408 words and 28 links

soc-webWhat happens when 57 Partners who represent 18 European countries including 10 schools, 21 universities, companies, NGOs, national authorities, research centers, associations and adult education providers, decide to join forces having cloud-oriented education in mind? School on the Cloud: connecting education to the Cloud for the digital citizenship network (SoC) initiative-funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme, sets sail and a promising 3 year journey begins!

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FIERE project on entrepreneurship: 1st Newsletter

FIERE logoCESIE is pleased to present the first newsletter of the FIERE – Furthering Innovative Entrepreneurial Regions of Europe project financed by theLifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig Action) of the European Commission. The project will run for 2 years and is aimed at furthering entrepreneurship in 6 European regions by providing a course on innovative entrepreneurship to regional and voluntary organisations and by creating a network of mentors. We invite you to read this newsletter and to sign up to the FIERE mailing list on the project’s website ( to receive the next editions!

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New opportunities with AREAS+

areas_webDon’t miss your opportunity to apply and live an enriching experience on both a personal and a professional point of view!

News Flash from the Science and Technology Department of French Embassy in India

Launch of new calls for proposals BIO-ASIA and ICT-ASIA to fund research projects involving France, India and a partner ASEAN country (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam).

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ProLang – Opportunities to learn and teach less-spoken languages in Europe

prolang-big-webMore language descriptions and language tests will soon be available on the ProLang web-portal for students, people in mobility programmes and all eager learners. Partners of the ProLang project attended the 4th coordination meeting at CESIE office, in Palermo, on June 12th– 13th 2014, in order to discuss the achievements of the project, as well as the future steps and elements to be improved.

“ProLang – Promotion of less used European Languages to youth on the move” is a two-year multilateral project financed by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme – Key Activity 2, aiming to promote language learning and linguistic diversity in Europe.

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Sport Plus – Training is over, it is time to think some other new goals!

splus_bigA dense and pleasant training course, such as “Sport Plus: looking up new goals”, came to an end on 15th June. SPLUS is funded with the support of the European Commission, within the framework of Youth in Action programme, Action 4.3. From the 7th of June for a week, 40 youth workers and youth trainersfrom Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and United Kingdom, discussed how to use sport as educational tool in order to promote inclusion especially for people with fewer opportunities.

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Volunteer wanted! EVS in Estonia

sve-kardlaWould you like to live a new international experience? Are you eager to put yourself to the test by participating in interesting voluntary activities? Are you ready to learn more about different cultures and countries?

If you wish so, don’t miss the chance to participate in an EVS project, taking place in Kardla, a small city in the amazing island of Hiiumaa (Estonia) in the heart of the Baltic Sea.

We are looking for two young people, between the age of 18 and 30, who will join “Volunteer wanted” project. Starting on September 1st, the project will last 12 months.

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