INSART – In Liverpool partners discuss art and social inclusion

insart-liverpool-bigThe Belgian, French, German, Italian and British partners of the LLP Grundtvig-funded project INSART met in Liverpool between the 5th and the 7th of November 2014.

During the meeting, project coordinators and artists exchanged their views on the artistic workshops that were carried out so far. In the last few months, circa 40 young Europeans (with or without a migrant origin) increased their intercultural, linguistic, interpersonal skills and self-esteem, through the use of plastic arts, photography, dance and theatre.

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Digging Deep in Ghana: workshop on urban gardening and harvest festival

diggin-deep-manuale-bigDigging Deep (DDEEP) came to an end. From the 20th to 24th the October the final meeting of the project took place in Accra (Ghana), which has involved the project coordinators and the local working groups (LWGs) coming from the partners’ countries: Italy (CESIE), Slovenia (KID PiNA), Cina (CANGO), IYEC (Ghana).

International Workshop on Urban Gardening

In the first part of the meeting, participants shared own experiences, target groups and results of local activities carried out from last April to October. The youth had the chance to visit the two urban gardens developed by the Ghanaian LWG. In the first one participants worked the field and harvested fruits; in the second one they saw the vertical garden, result of one of the local workshops. At the end, participants took part in an intercultural dinner, following traditional African dances. Moreover they visited two local schools involved in the project local activities; so that they were fascinated by children’s happiness and vivacity.

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Regional Sustainable Development on the Basis of Eco-Human Synergetic Interaction

sehsi-bigCESIE together with other European and Ukrainian experts took part in a range of training events for SEHSI professors and practitioners during the learning mobility at IALPNU Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute Of Architecture (Ukraine, 21-23 October) on the bases of sharing experience between the projects:

  • SEHSI (Regional Sustainable Development on the Basis of Eco-Human Synergetic Interaction) and
  • SEHUD (Architecture and Sustainable Development Based on Eco-Humanistic Principles & Advanced Technologies without Losing Identity)

The program included: for Course Units authors sharing experience in developing training materials for RSD courses by EU experts; for mentors sharing experience in using e-learning platform within pilot phase by IT experts; for coordinators sharing experience in in managerial and project promotion issues by EU experts.

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VEP – Cooperation with the police for unaccompanied missing minors

vet-webOn October 23rd and 24th, the final conference of the project Vigila et protege was held in Rome. It was a pilot project managed by the Italian Ministry of Interior – with CESIE as partner – that aimed at identifying and sharing good practices on prevention, reception, protection and integration policies for unaccompanied minors.

The event was held in the framework of the semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.

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TATRAC at CESIE: Network of Associations and Knowledge Transfer

tatrac-logoOn October 28th, the lead partner and the Sicilian partners of the project TATRAC, gathered at CESIE’s office in Palermo. TATRAC – Tissu Associatif et Transfert de Connaissances, is a project co-funded by the European Union through the ENPI CBC Italy-Tunisia programme 2007-2013.

Representatives from ANPR, SOGEVI, University of Catania and CESIE attended the meeting, which was an opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues, including the calendar and contents of the training seminars which will involve some Tunisian associations, as well as of the study visits that will take place in Sicily.

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HEALTHFIT – Wellbeing, sport and healthy lifestyle

healthfit_banner_cesieHEALTHFIT – Promoting wellbeing in youth is a Training Course focusing on wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. It will take place in Palermo from the 15th till the 23rd of November.

It will involve 32 participants from 15 countries: 9 from Programme countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania) and 6 from Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

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SUNIA GEEL 2: a DVD for young people to talk about the issue of domestic violence

sunia-geel-2-dvdOne of the main challenge of the project SUNIA GEEL 2 has been to talk about domestic violence with young people (especially with Muslim migrants) increasing their awareness about this phenomenon and asking them what violence means.

Trying to face this issue in the less invasive way, it has been followed an approach based on artistic-manual activities to allow participants expressing their feeling and/or experiences about.

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INSART: the artistic workshop has come to an end

insart-palermo-workshopThe artistic activities within the LLP Grundtvig-funded project INSART have come to an end.

On Monday 27th of October, the 17 young participants performed three choreographies in the streets of Palermo. INSART has allowed young boys and girls from Italy or with a migrant origin to explore a new dimension, to increase their competences and to discover that anyone can be an artist a little bit.

The project will continue with a training for employment and youth organizations, as well as with a final exhibit which will take place in Berlin.

CESIE wishes to thank its 17 participants and wish them all the best for their future! We also learnt a lot from them! Thanks goes to: Alessia, Baro, Emanuela, Amadou, Noemi, Chiara, Mamadou, Giuliana, Kawsu, Ahmed, Sanou, Sana, Tatiana, Kalifa, Ahmed S., Maryna and Milad.

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Vocational Internship in Palermo for improvement of professional qualifications

Foreign-internship-3CESIE welcomed 60 Polish students to carry out a vocational training in various companies and commercial activities of Palermo.

This abroad internship experience, inherent in the project “Foreign internship – an opportunity for improvement of vocational qualifications”, was accomplished by the vocational school “Zespol Szkol Ponadgimnazjalnych No. 3 im. Krola Jana III Sobieskiego” (StalowaWola – Poland), within the framework of a systemic project “Apprenticeships and practical placements abroad for IVT students” co-financed by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System in Warsaw and by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Human Capital Operational Programme.

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