Mesi delle arti di Borgo di Dio – Danilo Vive

danilo_vive-01The time has come for the second-to-last appointment within the event “Mesi delle arti di Borgo di Dio”. The Project Partnership intends to pay tribute to the Training Center, Borgo di Dio, remembering the disappearance of its founder, Danilo Dolci. On December 30th 1997, indeed, one of the main non-violence activists in Italy died, and on December 29th and 30th 2013 two tribute concerts were organized in Trappeto.

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SPACIT – Project meeting in London: the course development

SPACIT – Project meeting in London the course development_webSPACIT partners from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey gathered in London between 21st and 23rd November 2013 for the fourth project meeting. The headquarters of the National Union of Teachers provided the setting for the session dedicated to the development of the SPACIT course and its materials.

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2nd Methodological Workshop and meeting with REPLACE 2 Coordinator

II_incontro_coordinatore_replace2_webFrom 2nd to 5th December CESIE hosted the REPLACE 2 Coordinator, David Beecham from Coventry University (UK). The aim of the visit to CESIE office was to meet the staff working in the project, to learn about the progress of the project activities and to train them on the research data analyses using a software.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – Info day

infoday_dicembre_2013Are you an enterpreneur? Would you like to expand your company and to know both other markets and new European entrepreneurs ? Do you want to show your company in Europe by hosting a Young Entrepreneur?

The program ” Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs ” can help you!

The next 18th of December, 2013 , at 16:00 , an information day for successful entrepreneurs who want to learn and take part in the program will take place at CESIE, the local contact centre for Italian entrepreneurs, that is the organization which has already supported many entrepreneurs who have just started their experience in the business field.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship thanks to “Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs”

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs_thumbnailIn September 2013 the NE Vincenza Ferrara, a young woman who created her own business in the field of bio-oil production in Sicily, called DORA, has started her exchange within the EYE Programme working alongside the HE Davide Di Sisto, who is running his company, NaturalTutor AB, working in the field of natural medicine in a global network in Sweden..

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Last 6 places for the Leonardo PLM: Learning By Doing

Learning By Doing_webCESIE is looking for 6 participants for the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project, PLM, co-financed by the European Commission.

“Learning By Doing Project” gives to young people, from 18 till 35 years old, the possibility to do an internship of 13 weeks, related to the handicraft sectors in several European Countries. This other announcement – the second one after the announcement of the 19th of July 2013 – has 2 countries as hosting destinations: Greece and Portugal.

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AREAS+ Erasmus Mundus – Scholarship opportunities for you!

areas_thumbnailCESIE is glad to be part, as associated partner, of the projectAREAS+ (Academic Relations between Europe and ASia) – an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project funded by the European Commission and organized by a Partnership of some the most prestigious universities in Europe and these targeted South-Eastern Asian countries: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam.

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Speakers of Europe: getting involved in civic processes and new technologies

speakers_webSpeakers of Europe is a 8 days training Course targeting youth workers or social workers, and IT and community managers. It will involve 40 participants from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. It is coordinated by CESIE and supported by the European Commission – Youth in Action Programme – Action 4.3.

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Discover and try the new multilingual EU-Xchange platform!

EU-XchangeDuring the last year, thousand have joined the EU-Xchangebusiness platform for DG EAC LLP project results. Online interchange of licensing opportunities and marketing solutions [about 87.000 visitors in 2013].

You’re an EU project manager? You’re in charge of human resources? You’re a consultant…..

  • SIGN IN to advertise you own product and access a market of thousands of professionals!
  • REGISTER now and get a free access to our platform, read more about projects and product,
  • and LEARN more on marketing and licensing

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RePlaY: soon new local dissemination events

replay_event_webAfter the end of the second international event of the RePlaY project (RePlaY Training, held in Palermo between November 24thand December 1st 2013, involving participants from 11 European Countries – Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Macedonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy), the partners of the project are now working to prepare the local dissemination events of the project.

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ALCE – Exchanging recipes on a flying carpet of flavours. Cultural event in Palermo

alce_evento_webOn November 23th the cultural event of the European Project ALCE – Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating – took place in Palermo, funded with support of the European Union under the LifeLong Learning Programme – Grundtvig.

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Get ready for take off with In2sai!

in2saiThe IN2SAI project intends to increase the participation of female students in higher education studies in sciences fields (especially those relevant for aeronautics) and to contribute to their integration in the Aeronautic Industry (AI).

The next 2 years different events and activities will be implemented in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria in order to raise the interest of young women in science studies and the aeronautic industries.

Get ready and join us now on facebook!

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Red feet, a mobility story

Piedi rossiA red road that goes up and down, full of potholes and cracks making lively the journey on it. All around is green, sometimes covered by a red cloud raised from the transiting cars. Children walking beside this road don’t seem to be bothered. This is the street leading to Bitame Lucia International School in Nkofoulou. But it could be any street of Africa. This is also the street we, all volunteers, are crossing in this EVS experience.

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