CESIE presents the association’s new logo

Nuovo logo CESIEIn occasion of the event “Night of emotions” held in Palermo on December 11th – 12th, CESIE – Centre of European Studies and Initiatives presented to the public and its partners the new logo of the association.

The restyling action led to the creation of a new CESIE design willing to give greater uniformity to the association from an international vision, identifying easily our mission: “CESIE wants to contribute, through the active involvement of people, civil society and institutions to the promotion of growth and development, promoting the value of diversity”.

Through the new graphic design, the Pomegranate, CESIE wants to give an image of synthesis of the association and its work.

Indeed the Pomegranate is a fruit that looks like a unifying set of several and more bodies, so that the grains inside the fruit remind CESIE as organisation that is structured in five departments working in synergy (European cooperation, international cooperation, socio-cultural activities, mobility, vocational training).


IDEAS workshop: over 30 organisations from 12 different countries

ideas meeting 1For the second year running, CESIE hosted a successful IDEAS workshop (16th November 2010 Brussels, Belgium) with the support of the East of England Regional Office in Brussels.

The meeting brought together CESIE’s partners, old and new, in order to promote networking between different organizations in Europe, to develop applications with the various 2011 calls for proposals in mind and to share skills and experience of the different EU funding programmes.

The workshop consisted of a presentation by CESIE of the different funding opportunities available and then an open space session in which participants shared their ideas and developed them together.

Over 30 organisations from 12 different countries attended the meeting.


Senegal: Voices from around the world II

SenegalAt the end of October 2010, 6 European young people went to Senegal, in the south in the region of Casamance, to participate to A European Voluntary Service project that will last 6 months.

Bernardo and Claudia from Italy (Palermo) , Aurélien and Cindy from France, Liisbet from Estonia, Raphael from Austria; An intercultural group in a new cultural context so different from Europe.

It’s a great challenge for them e they are already showing a great desire to get involved, facing linguistic barriers and a lack of comforts.


“Crossing the Line”, meeting in Utrecht

ctlThe third meeting of the project “Crossing the Line” has taken place in Utrecht (Holland) the 2nd and 3rd December 2010. Two members of each partner organization participated in the encounter. There they had the opportunity to watch the other organizations’ final clips as well as to know the first results of the testing phase of the DVD product, which has already started in Romania and the Netherlands. Partner organizations have also made different agreements on how the final handbook will look like and have also divided their tasks for its writing phase.

From the 1st of January CESIE will start to carry out the testing phase in Palermo, in which at least another 15 organizations will be involved. The testing consists of a screening of the film, in which a young people audience can be also involved, and an afterward reflection from a VET trainer, peer educator or teacher, regarding the value of the materials watched.


Final meeting of the project CREINTWIN

global villageFrom December 10 to 12 was held the final meeting of the project CREINTWIN (Creative Intercultural Twinning). The main focus of the meeting was: definition of the strategy to disseminate information, ideas for new projects, the Workshop town twinning – “Global Village” (held 11 December 2010, in the Cloister of the Church of San Dominica) and the final evaluation of the project.

After a year working together the partners and participants had the opportunity to learn more about Sicilian local reality during the workshop town twinning and know each other with the goal of creating future twinning. The workshop was attended by a dozen community leaders in Sicily that with the help of CE.SIE staff and facilitators experienced different realities, problems and have found points in common with other European cities.


Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles Among European Citizens – SHAPE: first meeting

shapeThe first meeting of the Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles Among European Citizens – SHAPE project (from 1st till 5th December – Athens, Greece) was composed of presentations of partners’ activities from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania. There have been addressed themes such as: critical consumption through education, sustainable agro- food production and consumption, social aspects of consumption, the role of bicycles in European cities, water consumption in Europe, recycling arts, promotion of sustainable lifestyles in immigrant communities, etc.

The project leader is Mediterranean SOS Network from Athens. CESIE participated in the meeting together with Centro Astalli of Palermo. The Italian group has promoted the activity that was focused on sustainable agro-food consumption and sustainable lifestyles in immigrant communities.


Migrants, starting with the training course for Intercultural Driving Instructor

Clarity meetingEvery year in Italy on Italian roads and motorways, foreign nationals involved in accidents or in serious fatalities are about 20% of the total, with peaks touching 25%. Considering that, in our country the immigrants, and also not regular immigrants, reaching a rate of about 10%; so immigrants are involved in road accidents proportionately almost twice as much to the Italian population.

The achievement of a driving license is definitely one of the factors that, as well as enabling autonomy on movements, increases the chance of obtaining a job. In particular for migrants it is often precisely requested to be in possession of a driving license.

Current law allows only in special cases to convert a driving licenses issued in the country of origin as a valid document in our country.


TESD: final and Dissemination meeting of the project

tesd meetingThis week the Final and Dissemination meeting of the project “Tools for Equal Sustainable Development ” will take place in Bhubaneswar in India.

Tools for Equal Sustainable Development – TESD is a project funded with the support of the European Commission. It aims to enhance the role of women in sustainable development through practical and educational tools/practices which were created and collected in a Toolbox by the young participants (experts, social workers and volunteers) from the partner countries (Bulgaria, Ecuador, France, India, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, Perù, Senegal, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine). The Toolbox is also available in digital version in TESD website.

In these days in India the partners have evaluated the dissemination work done until now and promote new strategies for a further and successful dissemination of the Toolbox and its content; and reflect on the impact at local level and on the possible improvements in order to be as successful as possible.


WBLQUAL: Work Based Learning

universityOn 29 and 30 November, a kick off meeting of the Erasmus multilateral “An Approach to Qualifications through Negotiated Work Based Learning for the EU – WBLQUAL” took place in England, at the University of Staffordhire.

The meeting represents the beginning of the project activities, which consists of a series of research activities addressed to employers, employees and institutions of higher education, in order to propose appropriate approaches in Work Based Learning.


LLP InfoDay in Brussels

LLP InfodayCESIE participated in the LifeLong Learning Infoday in Brussels on the 16th November.

This day was organized to promote the LifeLong Learning Programme in Europe and to inform organizations and institutions about the funding opportunities that it offers in the field of education and culture.


Devoted: international meeting in Bucharest

scuolaAt the end of November the third international meeting of Devoted – Trainers in Development of Education took place in Bucharest, Romania.

The partners ARCUS College form Holland and CESIE introduced the first results of the test of good practices done with the participation of students and volunteers. The goal is to find good practices that support and stimulate adults and young people in learning process, and one of the objectives is to reduce the school dropout.

In fact, some of the partners are professional schools that face this social problem.

In addition, we organized a meeting with the participation of 150 teachers from Romania, in which we presented DEVOTED project and we shared some good practices selected and tested by our partnership.


CITY ZEN: final meeting in Palermo

logo City ZenAt the end of November, CITY ZEN project partners had the final meeting in Palermo, to assess together the work done at local level and the possibilities for future activities for Sustainable Consumption.

This final meeting was an excellent opportunity to assess the work done, the objectives achieved and to review the recommendations for the promotion of Sustainable Consumption elaborated by the partnership and local institutions/associations/citizens during the meeting in Marseille last September. These recommendations will be presented to the European Commission.

The activities planned and carried out at local level in the partner countries (Belgium, France, Latvia, Italy and Hungary) were the following: Forum Theatre, Film projection and local convention.