Vote for VSAV Project in the platform Campaign…for a better society

Virtual Stages Against ViolenceThe CESIE with the project Virtual Stage Against Violence – VSAV, is participating at the competitionCampaign… for a better society, in fact the “European Projects Association”, in collaboration with the “European Economic and Social Committee” and the “European Academy for Education and Social Research”, has decided to award each year the most successful European projects, highlighting the added values generated in achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and in building a better European society.The projectVSAV tackles the risks young people face when using new media and technologies, it falls in the “Ongoing Projects categories”, you can find major information about this project in this link:

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Event in Trappeto on “Borgo di Dio”

The second event on “Borgo di Dio” project, funded by “Fondazione con il Sud” within the Historical, Artistic and Cultural Programme 2011, was held in Trappeto (Palermo) on Saturday, 13thOctober 2012.

The “Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci” is the two year-project’s coordinator and it works in partnership with CESIE, “Libera Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie” and the Council of Trappeto.

During the morning, the partnership met students of the Trappeto secondary school and then, in the afternoon, the local community. The meetings’ purpose was to completely involve the local community in a new appropriation process of “Borgo di Dio”, place where Danilo Dolci worked and which is currently in a in a state of abandon.

In details, two maieutic workshops were carried out with the classes I E and III E, with the aim of investigate local teenagers’ needs and ambitions, by using the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA), a participatory method developed by Danilo Dolci.

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The SOLE project

SoleThe SOLE project (SOcial network for Local Empowerment, action 1.2.2 of the Europe for Citizens programme) was imagined to contribute to the construction of an active and living European citizenship. Although a number of opportunities are aimed at citizens or organisations sense of initiative, most of them are being kept away from these, by lack of information or tools. Our goal is to allow all kinds of organisations to take part to the development of an active citizenship on a European scale. For this purpose, SOLE is spreading knowledge and tools about European transnational cooperation, especially within the frame of the Europe for Citizens Programme (

One of the priorities of the project is to allow local entities with few or without experience in this field to gain knowledge and tools about it. Since we believe that a lot of smart ideas and initiative only miss a little support to achieve great things, we don’t want anyone to be stepped aside from the move!

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EWAC – Euromed at work for active citizenship

CESIE is urgently looking for:

  • 1 participant from Malta
  • 1 participant from Israel
  • 1 participant from Italy

for the Euromed at work for active citizenship – EWAC training course (Action 3.1 of the Youth in Action Programme), that will be held inPalermo, Italy, from 3th (arrival day) to 11th(departure day) of November 2012.


Euromed at work for active citizenship – EWAC is a Training Course (TC) that will be held in Palermo (Italy) during 8 days. The project involves 16 partners &40 participants that will take part in the TC (youth trainers/workers, peer educators, volunteers, youth with fewer opportunities) from:

Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Malta, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Israel and Morocco.

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: Second Infoday

On the 26thof September, an information day on the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” was held in CESIE’s office.

Since May 2012, CESIE is the local contact point for entrepreneurs interested in taking part in the programme, which is promoted by the European Commission and aimed at fostering both youth entrepreneurship and international mobility.

The meeting informed the participants about the project and the registration procedure, as well as the necessary requirements to participate.

The Info day had great success: the initiative was well attended – about 40 young people were interested in the opportunity to work closely together an experienced entrepreneur in one of the 27 member countries of the European Union and to strengthen skills in order to develop their own businesses.

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Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded as a recognition of cultural and or scientific advances. October the 12th, quite surprisingly for many, is a day that will remain in the world history since the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union.

The justification for the much contested reasons and timing of such an award have been underlined by Nobel committee president Thorbjoern Jagland. He acknowledged the prima facie facts that over 6 decades the European Union has managed to transform a war- torn continent into a continent of peace and cooperation.

Starting from the premise that the whole project was inspired by the grand idea of Jean Monnet and Robert Shumann to put to a halt centuries of animosity and rivalry between France and Germany, it appears more than obvious that peace was the main incentive for the architects of the project.

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