Mobility Opportunities

Act Locally – Sustainable Development & Young People

Sviluppo sostenibileSustainable development is a very current issue and its importance is increasing day by day for the future of the world we live in, especially for the new generations. The Training Course “Act Locally – Sustainable Development & Young People” concerns the promotion of this new kind of development with youngsters and it will take place in Mavrovo, Macedonia, from the 22nd to the 29thof November 2012.

Through non formal activities and good practices sharing, the TC deals with the environmental theme, allowing young people to develop solutions through active citizenship, creativity and entrepreneurship. Being aware of this issue and playing a role in the local level is the only way to fight the environmental degradation threatening our world

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Young ambassadors for Democracy and Inclusion

youth_ambassadorsCipro, because of its history, had to work out internal divisions, adopting political of social inclusion among new generations, in order to respond to the social and ethnic conflicts.

The project “Young ambassadors for Democracy and Inclusion” aims to find new opportunities for volunteers and youth workers, in activities for the promotion of social inclusion. We are looking for young people involved in social activities or that would like to start and get to know this field, as youth worker or volunteer.

The main thematic will be active citizenship of youngsters, European citizenship and social inclusion, knowledge about the democratic institutions and civil society.

Thanks to no formal methodologies and the involvement of different countries (Denmark, Italy and Cipro), participants will express their opinions and ideas, creating unique sharing experience.

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Learning By Doing

Learning By DoingDo you want to develop your skills? Are you looking for learning opportunities? Do you want to be one step ahead in your professional career? That’s it! The best opportunity you’ve!

“Learning By Doing” is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci, Transnational Mobility action (PLM) , which aims to promote the acquisition of both personal and professional skills, for young Sicilian people, in order to facilitate their vocational integration into the Labour Market at local and Community level.

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Mobility Diaries

Worlds: Who are Mandinga people?

Mondi: chi sono i Mandinga?The report of Chiara, a Italian volunteer in Senegal with the EVS project Voices from around the world III.

“Entering a new world is like entering a mystery which can hide many labyrinths, depths and enigmas”

Arriving is a long journey.

The ship leaves Dakar at night, it crosses the northern arid area bordering the Sahara until to reach the green and mystic lands of Casamance and it goes up the homonymous river leaving the ocean behind. Then, the following mourning it lands at Ziguinchor. However to reach your destination you must leave the fresh air and the vivid life of Ziguinchor on a sept place, that is a very rusted Peugeot 7 seater, and go on for 4 hours until to reach the red and sunny streets of Sédhiou. Here you are in the middle Casamance and Sédhiou is the most important city since 2008 when it has become a region.

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Five months in Africa: On est ensemble

Cinque mesi d' AfricaFrom Palermo to the heart of west Africa. The voice of Maria Francesca, EVS volunteer.

It “happens” to leave and go far away, so far away that you reach Africa. I arrived in Senegal in April to spend six months as a EVS volunteer at the Senegalese NGO “Enface et Paix” trough the EVS project Voices from Around the world III coordinated by CESIE.

It was not that easy to start this voluntary experience and, like every beginning, even mine here was not the easiest one. A simple description of the events which took place during these months would decrease the tumult of sensations, perfectly disordered, that liked moving inside me up to now. Moreover, it is difficult to follow a specific line of discussion and I often wondered why writing something, why publishing intimate and controversial truths you interwove day after day.

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Able like you

Able like youThe first of September 10 volunteers came to Palermo from different countries: France, Estonia, Spain and Hungary, ready to live for 9 months a unique and unforgettable experience: “Able like you”!

Different from whom? From what? Everyone of us is able in something and unable in something else.

“Able like you” is a European Voluntary Service project that gives the opportunity, to the volunteers involved in it, to support the local staff, offering their personal and professional contribution in the different local centers that work every day with people with mental and physical disorders.

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