Reaching an higher level of democratic participation in their own community and interaction with political representatives: this is the shared aspiration of the group of young people who took part in the workshop “Digital participation to the political debate” held Wednesday the 28th of June at CESIE.

The group started a reflection on the participation in civil society concept and was introduced to the use of the digital platform Kuorum. Digital participation can be an alternative system of information, sharing, discussion, involvement of citizens in public affairs. In particular, the Kuorum platform is a unique tool which is able to create a direct contact between politicians and citizens, increases transparency and policy effectiveness, moreover it allows to publish proposals and open them to the debate.

After an introduction to the platform and its functionalities, the participants read and commented the proposals published by the local associations and politicians who have so far joined the “We all count Europe” project.

The proposals open to the debate

Culture, education, tourism, social inclusion are some of the topics addressed by the proposals published on Kuorum by the association PUSH. and by Tonino Russo and Francesco Bertolino, two politicians who have joined the initiative.

PUSH.’s proposals are the results of the Roundtables organized within the Urban Thinkers Campus, organised  the last April in Palermo. These are ideas elaborated by citizens, professionals, students, representatives of the third sector and are all aimed at improving the cultural and artistic heritage, public spaces and community life in Palermo.

Tonino Russo‘s proposal draws attention to the services and skills gap in education field in southern Italy and to the need to strengthen the educational offer of schools, especially primary and secondary, by equipping the school system for the full time and prolonged time.

Francesco Bertolino re-launches his project aimed to enhance the memory of the places. Through a QR Code and using smartphones, people can access the biographical-historical information of key figures to which the sites are titled. The information is written by the students of the schools involved.

Everyone is invited to comment on the proposals: the registration to the platform is free and open to citizens, political representatives and local associations.

Sign up for Kuorum, read the projects and leave your comment in order to stimulate a constructive debate, improve the proposals and contribute to their realisation. Below you will find the list of proposals that have so far been opened to the debate and the links to the Kuorum platform.

Tonino Russo: La conoscenza come forma di liberazione

Francesco Bertolino: Le vie della memoria


The workshop was organised within the project “We All Count Europe” (WE), co-financed by the European Commission (Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 3 – Support to policy reform) to promote young people participation to the political life of their cities.

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