WANNE: Changing the narrative on migration

13 April 2018 | Migration

Palermo remains one of the main receiving town in Europe due to the high volume of irregular migration flows on the Central Mediterranean route. Most disembarkations of arriving migrants happen in the Sicilian ports of Augusta, Catania, Pozzallo and Lampedusa. In 2017, 8.045 unaccompanied minors lived in Sicily.

WANNE aims to foster the engagement  of diaspora organisations and TCN communities providing opportunities of exchanges with local and European organisations for new political and communication processes on migration.

The project partners and stakeholders that work in the field of migration in their own country visited reception centers and different organizations that provide health and legal services for TCN’s, organize vocational training and language courses, implement activities for social integration here in Palermo, such as: Centro Astalli, Centro Astalli, Mediterranean Hope Project, Humanitarian corridors (Centro Diaconale “La Noce”- Valdese Institute), Arci Porco Rosso – Sans Papiers front office, Legal Clinic for Human Rights – CLEDU and Santa Chiara Association.


Centro Astalli- shelter centre

Centro Astalli, opened in 2006, is a daily shelter run by the Jesuit Order. The centre is not supported by public funds but solely on donations and volunteering of both social workers and several professional figures (teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.)

Pellegrino della terra Onlus

Pellegrino della terra Onlus (in English, The Pilgrim of the Earth) activities mainly consist on providing help and support to the women in need, with a particular focus on victims of trafficking.

Mediterranean Hope project

MH aims to change the narrative of migration by collecting and sharing information (i.e. articles) about the hotspot to social networks and to work with both locals and migrants with the cultural and social programme Lampedusa for Solidarity.

Humanitarian corridors (Centro Diaconale “La Noce”- Valdese Institute)

An agreement  -Memorandum of Understanding- between the Union of Valdesian Churches, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior. This agreements allows the Centre to guarantee a safe passage by granting Humanitarian Visas to 1000 refugees based in Lebanon, followed by some more 1000 upon renewal of the agreement.

Arci Porco Rosso – Sans Papiers front office

It started working with the migrant community two years ago, when some of its members got in contact with 50 African men and helped them obtain asylum. After this experience, the association became very popular among the West African community, so it started organising a weekly drop-out/info space for them.


Legal Clinic for Human Rights opened in 2015 as a pilot project of the University of Palermo – School of Law, and offers free legal counselling once per week.


Santa Chiara Association

The centre offers afterschool activities (recreational and sport) to some 150 children of the neighborhood, who are offered several paths of self-development without any distinction whatsoever.


The study visit gave the opportunity to share ideas and controversial opinions on integration in each country on how Europe can face this issue.

The last presentation of this study visit was made by some of the participants of the project Ragazzi Harraga. During the study visit some of them could share their experiences also as cultural and language facilitators.

The report on the study visit is part of the transnational report that aims to create new narration on migration trough the research on good practices regarding TCNs involvement in public life.

Moreover, a one-day partnership fair will be organized, bringing together TCNs already engaged in diaspora organisations and civil organisations that will develop project ideas. After that, a follow up seminar will be organised with the aim to sharpen and evaluate these ideas.

Diaspora organisations operates as critical development entities and their engagement is important in the issue of migration.  Active members of diaspora organisations will be trained to promote their political demands and to raise their voice in political debates on local, European and international level.

About the project

WANNE- We all need new engagement – is financed by the DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) – Integration of third-country nationals


The project holds together 15 organisations, such us:

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