Freedom, democracy and welcome: VOICES festival in Palermo

12 April 2018 | Migration

The way we talk about migration can make the difference and can change the perception we have about this phenomenon. The great challenge is to add value to migration and migrants creating active citizenship approaches through Italian and European associations.

VOICES – Voices of Solidarity aims to sensitize the citizenship on the values of freedom and democracy through a series of creative arts that involve youth and families.

For this instance, we will organise a parade based on welcoming and with the involvement of 4 associations located in Palermo: Giocherenda, Donne di Benin City, Filo da torcere, Donne dello Zen.



From pular dialect Giocherenda means joy and sharing. It is an entrepreneurial project dealing with the creation of artisanal games and the organisation of workshops on creativity, intercultural education, reading and resilience.


Donne di Benin City

It is an association of women from Benin City, ex-victims of human trafficking who have decided to lead a new life. The women created a centre as a safe space for other women to get support and advice on a range of issues, and to share skills and experience. They organise also handicraft workshops realizing bags and jewels.


Filo da torcere

It is a sewing course that was born within Moms meeting: uno spazio per le donne project. The course involve each week a lot of migrant and local women at the Salesians’ Santa Chiara centre, which had become a point of reference for many disadvantaged people in Palermo.


Donne dello Zen

It is a centre that hosts women coming from Zen, an economically deprived quarter in Palermo in which women suffer from domestic violence and unemployment. Once a week these women follow a sewing course to develop or to acquire skills in this field.


In particular, the 4 local associations will create the costums for the parade through workshops that will involve men and women that want to share ideas about the topic through art. The associations and people will participate to the parade with the purpose of presenting the arrival, the welcome, media and multiculturalism.


Voices of Solidarity (VOICES) events will take place in Palermo in July 2018.


The first one will be on the 6th July at Biblioteca di Casa Professa with the theatre performance of BORDERLINE. On the 11th July, we will organise the parade Welcome and after 2 theatre performances of ArteStudio (Roma) and Dan Perjovschi (Romania) will take place – further information available soon.

VOICES will be introduced at Explora in Rome from 20th to 22nd April, with performances and workshops dedicated to freedom of expression and other European values and principles, thanks to collaboration with local and international artists, performers and actors.

About the project

VOICES – Voices of Solidarity is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


The project holds together 5 organisations:

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