Is it possible to share life stories and change point of view on migrants through arts?

What if  art could universally and effectively respond to this global challenge and to promote refugees integration?

The JOURNEYS FESTIVAL- Refugee Journeys International shared the trip of refugees’ women and men that have started a brand new life in Palermo. From 16th to 25th June 2017, languages and visual contributions were cause for comparison and reflection involving associations and local realities that work in close contact with refugees. In particular, we organized three different activities open to the citizen such as:

  • The Look-Up:an exhibition by Luca Delfino that represents the stories of 6 refugee women. You can visit the exhibit at CESIE office.
  • Journeys- storie di migrazioni: a short film by Jean Paul Barreaud and Alessio Algeri about migration in Palermo. Watch it now down below.
  • Seminars: during two meetings, people had the opportunity to discuss about the new political scenarios in Palermo and the projects run by local associations with migrants through art.

A debt of gratitude is owed to the artists, the volunteers, the speakers and the public of the seminars.

A special thanks to: David Hill (ArtReach), Anna Codazzi (Explora), Abraha Yodit (Moltivolti), Fausto Melluso (Arci Porco Rosso), Anna Ponente (Centro diaconale “La Noce” – Istituto Valdese), Laura Bondì (Refugees Welcome Italia), Alessandra Sciurba (CIAI), Cristiano Inguglia (Università degli Studi di Palermo), Mamadou Bah, Diawarra Bandiougou, Rosalba Romano (Al Revés), Marta Tagliavia (Dugong Production), Emanuela Fioretto (Arte Migrante), Antonella Di Salvo (Nottedoro) and Associazione Menti Libere.

JOURNEYS is funded by the European Union through Creative Europe to promote refugees’ integration through arts. The project was created by the original Journeys Festival International, born in Leicester in 2013, extended to Manchester and Portsmouth. The partnership helds together 6 organisations:

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