How can we support personal and professional development of youths living in Palermo?

How can we encourage young people to improve their talents and strengthen their soft skills?

In order to help youngsters develop new skills, become aware of their own competences, and socialize, RAGAZZI HARRAGA ( promoted 5 different workshops:

  • Dance workshop;
  • I-Video workshop;
  • Expression workshop;
  • Intercultural workshop;
  • Human Rights and social cohabitation

Participants are now eager to share their learning experiences, as the end of the first cycle of workshops is approaching and a new one is ready to start. Thus, we are pleased to invite you to attend the

Closing party of Ragazzi Harraga Workshops

on Friday 23rd March 2018 at 18.00

at Santa Chiara, Piazza Santa Chiara, 1, 90134 – Palermo

The event will feature:

  • theatrical and dance performances;
  • videos directed and edited by our Ragazzi Harraga;
  • an introduction to In&Out, a project aiming to create cooperation networks amongst youth workers in Europe and in the Caribbean and to engage young people with fewer opportunities in art activities as a tool for inclusion. Youth workers from France, Spain, Sweden and Guadalupe will also perform an act during the event;
  • a presentation about Niofar, a cultural organization founded by a group of Ragazzi Harraga;
  • a show featuring the rap band Bokku ndal from Palermo;
  • a multicultural aperitif.

Finally, those who participated in the workshops will receive their certificates of completion and skills portfolios.

The event will be hosted by Ben Said Moussa and Numu Touray, who helped, supported and encouraged these young men and women throughout Ragazzi Harraga workshops.

You all are invited to join us as we celebrate a closing party you won’t want to miss!


About Ragazzi Harraga

Ragazzi Harraga. Social inclusion processes for unaccompanied minors in Palermo is funded via Never Aloneper un domani possibile. Reception and welcome of unaccompanied minors and young people arriving alone in Italy.

The project activities are managed by the following partners:

For further information concerning the scope of Ragazzi Harraga project, please contact Alessandra Sciurba, | tel. 0917846554.

For further information concerning the workshops, please contact Roberta Lo Bianco,