REPLACE 2 – Newsletter



The Newsletter consists in one of the main outputs of the project. The issues touched during the project timeline are 11, covering the main activities and events developed during the two years in the partners countries.

Below are the issues listed one by one to help the reader to easily scroll down the topics and pick them up.

Issue 1: The launch of the REPLACE 2 project with the kick-off week, and other articles about Female Genital Mutilation and partners’ activities.

Issue 2: the first Advisory Meeting and other articles about Female Genital Mutilation and partners’ activities.

Issue 3: REPLACE 2 participates in the 8th European Forum of the Rights of the Child and other articles about partners’ work towards ending FGM in Europe.

Issue 4: REPLACE 2 partners’ activities for Zero Tolerance to FGM Day and information about the London Conference in April 2014 called ‘Prevention or Prosecution? The behaviour change approach to taclking FGM in the EU’.

Issue 5: Conference ‘Prevention or Prosecution? The Behaviour Change Approach to Tackling FGM in the EU’, held at Coventry University’s London Campus (UK), on April 11th 2014.

Issue 6: Experience of conducting Community Based Research on Female Genital Mutilation in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Issue 7: Community engagement and Female Genital Mutilation behaviour change: the experiences during the REPLACE 2 project in UK and The Netherlands are the main topic of this newsletter. Moreover, a summary on findings from the study “Female genital mutilation in the European Union and Croatia”(EIGE 2013) is presented by Els Leye (International Centre for Reproductive Health at Ghent University).

Issue 8: On the occasion of the 2015 International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, this issue contains an overview of the last legislative developments regarding FGM in Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal.

Issue 9: Key findings from the community-based participatory research on FGM

Issue 10: Implementation of the workshops among the migrant communities: narratives of the interventions in The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Issue 11: Final Conference in Brussels and launch of the Toolkit and Community Handbook at the European Parliament.

Target: Professionals and communities working to end Female Genital Mutilation