What information do we have about the use of prohibited substances in sports and in fitness centre?

Doping affects not only top athletes but also recreationists in fitness centres including young sportsmen at grassroots level, who may adopt an attitude either taking dietary supplements for faster muscular mass or stamina gain detrimental to their health.

To analyse this topic, we invite you to participate in 3 workshops within JUST SPORT project. The project wants to raise awareness of fitness centre owners as well as trainer of those structures on the doping’s topic and on the danger that comes with the use of prohibited substances.

On 9th to 11th April, the workshops will be held at CESIE officeVia Roma, 94, Palermo. Every event will last about 2 hours and it will be confirmed base on the availability of all participants.

Several experts will be involved during the three days, talking about different topic such as:

  • numbers and statistics behind the use of doping in Italy and in Europe,
  • the consequences of the use of banned substances in sport ,
  • the reasons why athletes decide to take prohibited substances,
  • legal aspects around the use of doping.

Awareness on this matter is crucial because only with the direct involvement of the stakeholders at local and European level can bring solid and deep results.

For this instance, the workshops is open to the ones who attend grassroots courses in fitness centres as well as students that are in becoming the future trainers.

The three workshops will be followed by a day of roundtables on 11th April in which participants and experts together will talk and share opinion on the doping topic, health, nutrition and sport as well as the project and their feedbacks about the workshops.

At the end of the working days, all the fitness centre owners will receive a European certificate that they can show in their clubs to show their good will and to claim themselves “clean” centres against the use of doping and prohibited substances.

Participation to the workshops is open and free!

In order to participate please contact as soon as possible emiliano.mungiovino@cesie.org.


JUST SPORT – Fight against doping on grassroots level is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Collaborative Partnership in field of Sport aiming at raising awareness about the negative consequences of using supplements with harmful additives among young sportsmen in fitness centers and all beginners in grassroots level recreational sports.

Moreover, the project provides anti-doping education and prevention programmes fostering the fundamental values that underpin recreational activities and informing youth about moral, legal and health benefits of recreational activities.

The project partnership holds together 6 organisations:

For further information

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Contact Emiliano Mungiovino, emiliano.mungiovino@cesie.org.