Social entrepreneurship can be broadly defined as running a profitable business with a deep social commitment. Indeed, the production and marketization of a given product or service is done while respecting the needs of the local community and wider society as for instance environmental consciousness, gender equality and minority inclusion.

Furthermore, those profits generated by the enterprise are not accumulated but rather re-invested to achieve socially enhancing objectives.

In order to learn more and develop the competences needed about social entrepreneurship, we are looking for 2 participants for an International Seminar in that will be hosted in Madrid, Spain, by AIPC Pandora under the framework of the GLOBAL YOUTH CHALLENGE: Social Entrepreneurship and Community Service in Glo-Cal Issues project.

This seminar will be attended by wannabe social entrepreneurs and youth workers coming from Italy, Estonia, Portugal, Romania, UK, Morocco, Hungary, Germany and Spain and will combine training workshops for a theoretical understanding with local visits and meetings with social entrepreneurs.
Eventually, participants will receive help and support to create and develop their idea for a social enterprise in their own country.

Information about the seminar:

  • Dates: 5-12 November 2017.
  • Venue of the project: Madrid, Spain.
  • Accommodation and meals: fully covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. Participants will be staying in a hostel.
  • Travel costs: 2 ways travel ticket covered by the Erasmus+ Programme up to a limit of € 275 (as for Erasmus+ Guidelines and Distance Calculator)
  • Participation fee: €60

Candidates’ age should be between 18 and 30 years old, furthermore they should have Italian citizenship (or be residents in Italy) and ideally have a good level of English.

GLOBAL YOUTH CHALLENGE seminar is organized by AIPC Pandora with the main aim is to promote Youth Leadership through Social Entrepreneurship, experiential training and Community Service experiences in Spain.

If you are interested in this precious learning opportunity, please send:

  • your CV in Italian,
  • your motivation letter in English,
  • the completed application form

by the 5th October to