Young citizens should be active participants in their city life: their learning experiences should be tightly related to the situations in which they live and learn!

For this instance, we are looking for 5 participants and 1 group leader to participate on the youth exchange Explorer of citizenship that will be hold in Pascani (Romania), from 23 to 27 April 2018, and it will be hosted by Association Gipsy Eye.

The project will bring 48 youngsters (14 to 25 years old) from four European countries – Italy, France, Romania and Sweden -, through Europe to discover various forms of young involvement. During the trip, the young explorers will investigate the country-specific active citizenship practices and take an active lead in the survey.

Housed with the other explorers in houses with shared room, you will learn to work with them as a team. Together, you will be able to visit the area, share skills and knowledge and live an amazing adventure!

By participating to playful workshops, you will sharpen your knowledge on themes like discrimination and learn way to fight them in order to make the world more solidary!

Interculturality will be the heart of the trip, especially the Roma culture.

Furthermore, the participation on this trip, will give you the possibility to participate to the further exchanges in Sweden, Italy and France.

Information about the seminar:                                          

  • Dates: 23rd to 27th April 2018.
  • Venue of the project: Pascani (Romania).
  • Accommodation and meals: fully covered by the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Travel costs: 2 ways travel ticket covered by the Erasmus+ Programme up to a limit of € 275 (as for Erasmus+ Guidelines and Distance Calculator)
  • Participation fee: €60[1]

Profile of the participants candidates

  • To be 14 to 25 years old
  • Italian citizenship (or residents in Italy)
  • Ideally a good level of English.

Profile of the group leader candidates:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • Italian citizenship (or residents in Italy)
  • At least a basic level of English.

Explorer of citizenship youth exchange is organized by Maison des Associations de Tourcoing with the main aim is to encourage active participation in city life and offer learning experiences for the European youngsters.

Join the Explorers of citizenship to take part to a European investigation on youth active and civic engagement!

If you are interested in this precious learning opportunity, please send:

  • your CV in Italian,
  • your motivation letter in English,

at , by 23rd March 2018.