Youth Mode: Try it out and challenge yourself with EVSI arrived in Palermo exactly on 1st of April and tomorrow is 1st of October. Six months. This is my article about my EVS experience in Palermo that it is not over yet.

I think I have an interesting relationship with Palermo. At first I didn’t like it because I thought it was too noisy, chaotic and dirty. But now I believe that Palermo is more than a dirty city. It is my city a bit. In Palermo it is easy to spend your free time. The summer is really long and the island is beautiful. Just put on your swimsuit and you can go anywhere. You can feel here you are really free.

I remember I had a lot of difficulties the first few weeks. I felt I cannot express myself properly and I incredibly missed my mother tongue. I recognized that I was here totally alone and I didn’t know what would be happened to me. The homesickness was also be really bad, I experienced it in this time. Sometimes if I think about this period I really don’t know how I handled it or coped with these difficulties. Before coming here, in Palermo, I had some advices from my sending organization and I think they were really helpful and useful. I started to write a blog, get to know new people and I felt slowly better. It was also really important for me that my family and friends have supported me from home.

Nowadays I work in two centres. One of them is a kindergarten. Most of children there have immigrant origin. I play with them and I also help them to take care of themselves.
The other one is actually in a catholic church which has own orchestra. The children are involved in the orchestra and while they have music practise, they can also get some help in their homework. For me this is the biggest thing (and challenge) I have never dealt with. Sometimes it is not easy at all but it is so funny and meaningful.

Though my EVS experience, which it is not over yet, I am constantly leaning. It is not just about new skills or learning languages. I am sure I am learning about myself.
So why do I recommend the EVS to others? Actually I don’t recommend the EVS to anyone. Except if you are curious enough, courageous and you are not afraid of the challenges and personal development. Try it out and challenge yourself!