Youth Mode : learning and sharing among people and culturesI arrived in Palermo on the first April 2014, so it is already 6 months that I left my country to come in the wonderful Sicily… My EVS experience is so rich that I have never feel the time going on. Indeed I wish it would never end!!

When I arrived in Palermo, i felt at ease, I fast understood all the opportunities and the comforts which this city can offer. Even if Palermo seems chaotic and overwrought, in particular for the traffic, I needed few time to be used to this city and to feel at home. I have discovered a lot of things and I have met a lot of people. Each day has followed the other without realizing it. Palermo is a city that i like very much because it is full of surprises, meetings, colors and smells. There is always sun, the food is good and people are warm.

The project, in which I’m involved, consists in working in a kindergarten with children of different origins. During my work I take care of a lot of things, in particular look after the children, I help them to do their homework (after-school activity), I organize for them laboratories and trips… what I like more is to listen every day the stories of these children, and their way to understand the world.

During my free time, I could discover other parts of Sicily, which are really wonderful! I liked going to the seaside, the sea is beautiful and clean, going out with friends, taking part in some cultural events… in few words I have had a lot of fun!!!

This experience is teaching me a lot about myself, about my way of living and about my capacities and limits. It has though me to reach compromises and to overcome my personal habits or features of my nature.