Youth Mode: 275 beautiful days of my Italian lifeSome months ago plane Rome – Palermo landed in Falcone–Borsellino Airport. After great preparation, visa procedure and unbelievable long trip I’m finally in Palermo.

Before first working days we had some free days and it was the time to feel where we are, to see more around and to prepare for new experience in such beautiful place.

Scooters brush alongside pedestrians in narrow streets, street vendors, mysterious sea, piles of ripening fruit in Ballaro, and impossibly large blooms and strung laundry hang from the balconies. What really gets to me is the noise – the buzzes, the clicks, the sirens, and that uniquely guttural Sicilian dialect twist and turn into a rhythmic hum, a city’s soundtrack to my Italian life.

But everything step by step. Our first working day started from the on arrival training for our new volunteer family. Excursions to all centers, first visiting CESIE office, new faces of people I will work with and share my life during next 9 months.

During my EVS I was working in CESIE office and from the first days I was involved in writing my own project ideas, preparation of application form for strategic partnership project and also organization my first partner meeting in CESIE, which later became like one of my specialization here, as my colleagues from open space noticedJ

Except of project writing I did a lot of task which were related to many aspects of project implementation, strategic planning, and organization different activities. From project writing till drawing, from dancing till making photos, from writing articles till making networking database, from transport logistics till creating games and activities for thematic project…Here I was involved in such a big amount of tasks that it seems I did my EVS not 9 months, but 9 years.

But my EVS daily life doesn’t limit only with office work. May remembered me with amazing ship trip to the Naples for on arrival training: volunteers almost from all around the Italy, very interesting program and of course amazing Naples. Somehow it was like paradise for photographers. Unique atmosphere of the city, the tastiest “Margherita” I’ve ever eaten and warm transparent rain have left unforgettable mark in my Italian memory diary.

Work in organizers team of training course in Baida, taking part in local sport event “Mediterraneo Antirazzista ”, celebrating my birthday in beautiful Barcelona, midterm evaluation training in Nicolosi near Catania, East holidays…Every month, every moments here are full of sweet impressions and looks like colorful kaleidoscope of amazing unforgettable moments in my memory.

Now, after 7 months here looking back to all that time I spent here, I can give my certain answer to the question “Why will I recommend EVS to another people”. I will not recommend EVS. I will STRONGLY recommend it. This is amazing invaluable life experience. And EVS it is not only living in another country for an extended period of time, it’s a means of really knowing country, really learning language in the way never possible at home, and above all it’s a means to do something that useful, something really important. It is opportunity to see and to feel another life and great chance to change it doing all our best.