Youth Mode: l'esperienza di AnneI arrived in Palermo 5 months ago. About this city, totally different from the others, I can tell a lot of things.

Indeed, the first impression I had was very strong. Moreover, arriving in a place where I know nobody, speaking just French, wasn’t simple and at the beginning I was a little bit lost… I felt as a child, who has to learn a lot of things about the life. But, in the end, I’ve met fantastic people and now with some of them I’ve become friend. Now I feel Palermo as my city and I don’t have fear to travel alone any more. In addiction I can speak another foreign language: the Italian!

This change happened to me in a really natural ways.

For what concern the work, which I have carried out there, the first period was very hard because of different way of organization inside the center. From the beginning I’ve had to understand alone what to do and I’ve learnt how to take initiative by myself. For sure, working with children when you are a new person for them, it is not easy. Often they don’t listen to you. So, day by day, I’ve also learnt how to get control.

With the time I’ve understood that this experience has been a great opportunity for me. Now I believe more in me and, when I come back in France, I hope to continue to work with the children. Now, inside the center, I feel at home! I suppose it will be very difficult leave the children at the end of the project.

If I should give some advises:

  • Be open-minded. There is no need to think how it would be in your home, country or with your friends. You should look and live the situations as if you were learning again.
  • Don’t be afraid about the language, you will learn it more quickly than you can imagine.
  • If you have some difficulties at work, don’t be discouraged, but speak with friends, people and mentor. It is normal that everything is not easy. You should think about it as a challenge
  • Discover the country, people and culture …. It is an adventure!