You can now find online the new Mobile project video. Mobile – Mobility in Learning in Europe – involves 8 partners, coming from different European Countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. MOBILE aims at promoting international work experiences and at creating learning tools for teachers and enterprises working on mobility projects.

This video will be uploaded on Mobile website, in the section devoted to learners, along with photos and stories collected by youths who participated in mobility projects. Learners’ section offers lively reports about advantages and opportunities provided by work experiences abroad, in order to encourage and foster youth mobility.

Ganesh is the protagonist of Mobile latest video. Ganesh is Nepalese and he has been working as an EVS volunteer in Palermo, since he participated in Pangea – Volunteering for connecting continents – project . In this video Ganesh talks about his experience, his job activities and his new friends, culture and food, by underlining how important this mobility programme has been for his personal growth. In particular, you will be impressed by his enthusiasm about sharing experiences, meeting different cultures and understanding them, so as to develop an open-minded attitude towards the Others: a major change determined by any international experience.

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MOBILE is a Grundtvig Multilateral project in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme, funded by the European Commission.

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