I´m writing this report  after 13 days from the end of my fantastic experience as a Volunteer with the feeling of melancholy, because now all the memories are scrolling down in my brain and I miss that time. In this six month I had what I expected when I decided to apply for a  EVS.

The first good thing was Berlin: it is such a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, where is possible to find every kind of persons, and the people is really open-minded, so It is easy here to create new friendships.

The second reason is the GEB Team, they are like a family, they supported me and still doing with the German bureaucracy, during and after my Evs. When I applied to do EVS I already knew that it would be a challenge for me, to write new pages of my life. I always have been open to other people of different countries and different backgrounds and so I was bored living in a small town where life seems the same everyday and let me say that in Italy the conditions for youngsters to find a job are not easy. My life changed for the good. I learned things that I did n´t know I was able to do, such as seek and find home, managing different groups from different countries with different language and background. I got used to live by my own, I become more responsible because I don´t feel any more the protection that I felt when lived with my mother and father, even if they support me, but now in different way. I had the amazing feeling to test my abilities, to understand what I am able to do and to solve my problems by myself.

Thanks to this Independence I was able to discover my skills, for example the language. Now in Berlin I used to speak standard four tongues: Albanian, Italian, English and German.  Another reason why I did my EVS is that I strongly believe in Erasmus Plus Program. I was really happy when I received the news that they selected me and I was really happy every time I saw happiness on the face of the youngsters when they finished their stage. The goal of this program is to make people independent, just like when I heard from the Belgian students that after few days, they were able to move in Berlin better than their teachers. That was Magnificent to hear it, and also I was able after few weeks to give directions (mixed German with English) to the people.

I really suggest to all youngsters that live everywhere to do EVS in Europe and all over the World because its an amazing experience. Like every begin I can say that its not easy but after climbing this big mountain the skyline is breathless.

Tim Mazrekaj

EVS volunteer within the Erasmus + project “Many Opportunities Real Equality”



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