Training course “Multimedia for Inclusion”: Arianna's experienceDuring the training course “Multimedia for Inclusion” organized by “Vi Pratar Ryskaho” I had the chance to do so many things, but there are three things that come to my mind that I consider were the most valuable.

First of all, I had the chance of meeting new people. I believe we may underestimate the importance this has for our personal growth and knowledge. When meeting new people, especially from foreign countries, conversations move towards topics and arguments that might not come up in the usual group of friends. Furthermore, I consider that meeting new people is a way of travelling motionlessly, they will tell you events of their countries that are not presented on the news or facts that perhaps contradict presumptions or stereotypes of a country.

Another enriching experience was this first contact with informal education. The course was presented as a way to learn multimedia tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, but instead of teaching skills in a traditional classroom environment, we were proposed a project: a final video presentation.  To achieve this, everyone had the chance to pick his or her responsibilities based on the areas we were most experienced in or based on the ability we wanted to acquire. Some chose to do the filming, others the acting and others the editing. This same principle of informal education can be applied to the learning of English language. Given that it was the main communication language, there were plenty of chances to practice English in a dynamic way.

Finally, one of the things that called my attention the most was the fact that the training course took place in Sweden, but specially at Visby, a little town that is in fact the most populated area in Gotland, an island south of Stockholm. This was a chance to see a truly different place, Visby is a medieval town of little colored houses, very orderly, full of bicycles, peaceful and enclosed by beautiful nature and landscapes. Being there for a week and going to the downtown often and chatting to locals or just visiting the surroundings and shops turns a visit abroad into something more than old fashioned tourism.

All in all, this training course allowed me to learn a few useful technical skills with a process out of the usual educational methods while having fun!