Lea: my wonderful EVS experienceI decided to apply for this project after my graduation in Economy also if I knew that the activities were different from my field of study and work. Before coming in Sicily, I had a general idea about the project but I knew that I would have worked with professionals.

Now I can say that my life is changed and I know what I want to do in my life.

The Energy+ is a pilot project and it means that our group of volunteers was the first to face with this subject, working with migrants that live in SPRAR and minors that live in communities in Palermo.

Our task is to create workshop and activities alone or with other volunteers with the aim to increase their awareness about their skills.

Palermo is full of museums, amazing people and good food. A the beginning you can be confused for the chaos of the city and for the traffic, but you have to adapt yourself.

I can also thank the CESIE staff for their support and for the helping.

Thank you