My name is Daniele, I am 25 years old. My hometown is Pescara, a city in Abruzzo region, central part of Italy. I spent my European Voluntary Service experience in Lisbon, Portugal.

I choose Portugal because I am fascinated by its culture and history, furthermore I spoke already Spanish and I had basic knowledge of Portuguese, so I wanted to strengthen my language skills.

I was hosted by Pro Atlantico association, located in Cruz Quebrada, a district of the Oeiras municipality, a town 15 minutes far from Lisbon city center. This experience gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and widening my borders with other volunteer coming from all over Europe and so on.

My main activities as a volunteer were to help elderly people with their daily routine and after lunch assisting the educators with the activity in after-school club. Surely, the children with who I shared my daily experience as a volunteer gave me the most. Sometimes I was proposing activities such as table games, tournament, sport events. Other times I was just joining the children with their daily classes or activities, feeling myself a children. At the beginning, I was worried about what I could really gave to the people and children with who I used to spend days as volunteer, then I understood that the most important thing was being tender and empathic; because most of the times is what the families of these people and children lacks.

One of the moments more meaningful during my EVS were the days spent in Braga during the the Arrival Training. In those days I had the opportunity to share my experience with other volunteer coming from all over Portugal. I shared my difficulties as volunteer and compared with the experiences of the others, finding together solutions. We worked in small groups to reach common goals to a proposed problems, so I had the opportunity to strengthen my group and problem solving skills.

I would recommend the EVS experience to whoever is interested in discovering a new country and culture, gave its abilities to the service of the “others”. Furthermore it could be extremely helpful to who want to take a break and take some time to think what to do next, meanwhile living a meaningful experience out of its own National borders.

Daniele Secone

EVS volunteer within the Erasmus + project “Many Opportunities Real Equality”



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