immagine stand upI think that some sentences are not enough to explain all emotions and experiences lived during the youth exchange “Stand up for you MED”, which took place at Marsa, near Tunis, from the 4 to the 10 March 2016. The young participants were from different Mediterranean countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Italy and France. The topic was “Mediterranean sea and young people”.

Different cultures, from Mediterranean sea, got together into an only group, without distinction of race, language, ethnic, color or religion. I couldn’t speak about a group of young people, but I speak about a “family”. More than meet and discover each other, than tell our experiences of life, there was a great need to “share”. Because giving something to somebody, it is better than receive, ‘cause what is different from us represents a richness. We did different activities: posters, plays, morning energizer, which were always original and funny, presentations of our organizations, telling about our experiences.

At the bottom there was a good want to do, to share ideas, to tell something new for culture and young people. The languages of communication were English and French, considering that, there were a lot of French speakers. By the way, the communication is well and comprehensible to everybody. Accommodation was good, and also food, not bad. Host organization took care of every details. The last three days we organized a workshop, we made short movies about young people, that we showed during the last night. We learnt a lot of new things and we enjoyed too much! During this youth exchange, we organized also a fantastic multicultural evening, where everyone brought typical food, music and dance of his country. Moreover, we visited the Medina of Tunis, Sidi Bou Said and the Goulette.

It was an exchange of cultures, ideas, traditions, but above all of feelings.

Laura Maria Gulotta