pangea-michele-senegalBefore arriving in Senegal my expectations were undoubtedly a lot: it was a matter of alternating between morality and profession, although the real reason was clearly experiencing a break of my life together with those who weren’t swimming in gold, with those for whom education isn’t something wavering from rights and duties, but just one of the few escapes from an existence condition “almost” unchangeable.

I think that when you find yourself living on the essential for a long period, you come up with realizing that in our society we’ve got too much things belonging to the sphere of the unnecessary. It’s about a very strong experience by a human point of view, it’s something that forcedly overwhelms and wraps you up at the same time. The only form of competition which resounds here has to do with life, for the rest, in this place, the “God-money” hasn’t created neither machines nor slaves, but just bland users.

Much of the sensations and emotions have changed in relation to my stay here, arisen from all the stuff that starts taking part of our sensorial sphere, may it be a smile, a look, a new way to mark the time in complete harmony with the local way of living .

The greatest thing here is the population. I’m talking about people able to put countless smiles on you, people turning their sense of sharing into their existence’s secret, simple people and full of life.

After all this time I’ve been staying here, I can assure you that “I really don’t what I’ve been giving to this place, but I actually know that this place has given everything to me”.

By the professional point of view I’m quite satisfied. I’ve worked to bring forward educational and professional activities. More precisely, I’ve edited and coordinated a project of Health and Environmental Education in BiramBèye de Kadior de Zuguinchor School, carrying out recreational/ educational activity for more than 200 Senegalese children. In addition, in order to consolidate the image of the association itself and boosting new partnerships, I’ve started creating a web site which currently is being build up. Thanks to EVS I’ve managed to improve my language skills and learn new ones.

I suggest to all those who are taking part in it, everywhere they are and provide EVS, to let them being charmed and seduced by the place, leaving at home any kind of prejudice and social stereotype, not sketching out benchmarks and ,especially, to look with a different perspective and open up minds ‘doors. It’s a great life experience, that I wish to everyone, where you can improve your professional, language and especially personal skills.

I hope I’ve drawn the best lessons out of this EVS, in the hope that these have given me the possibility to be a better man, recipient of “an adventure falling within empirical, but that in my opinion, leaves something of overwhelming in you”.

Michele Nasca