opentalksIt is with our great pleasure to announce that the Open Talks of Youth Mode – EVS project have already started! Open talks are informal talks and discussions that use open and inclusive formats providing opportunities for anyone, anywhere in the world to participate. Basically one alternative, creative and more importantly informal way for people to share and spread ideas!

In the first “test” Open Talk that took place at the end of the October, the 12 Youth Mode volunteers gathered and discussed about «Volunteering abroad – learning by mobility». The kick off Open Talk gave the opportunity to Y-mode volunteers to share their experience, their hopes and expectations prior their arrival in Palermo and their motivation on participating in the Y-mode project. Among others participants answered to questions such as which challenges they faced during their volunteering in Palermo and what they have gained from this experience.

After the great success of this first open talk, volunteers have set another date for the second open talks on 13th of November! The second open talk’s theme was the hot issue of youth unemployment in the participants’ countries (causes, personal challenges that a young person faces while seeking a job and possible solutions from their point of view). Some of the participants from the local community shared also their success stories and how they managed to land in their current job. Both of the open talks started with some preparation activities that would help participants to reflect more on the theme and then all together they simulated a talk show, with Ms. Anastasia Oikonomoula to be the hostess and the Y-mode participants to be the interviewees.

Youth Mode: the project that started all!

Youth mode is a 2 year EVS project of CESIE which will host in total 24 volunteers from Austria, Ukraine, Moldova, France and Hungary and has the following objectives

  • To promote a sense of EU citizenship fulfilled through dialogue and work with people at risk of social exclusion
  • To encourage social cohesion and inclusion for disadvantaged communities (migrants | children and families early school leavers) and empowering young people through active involvement in society
  • To fight against discrimination; protection of minors and minorities; promotion of gender equality

The final result of the project will be a DVD and publication on YouTube that will report the open talks organized by the volunteers interacting with local community, other volunteers and young people. These public moments will take place once a month and will involve a wide audience of stake holders tackling the European dimension of the project.

For further information, please send an email to Roberta Lo Bianco