Marta's experience: my time in PalermoBefore I came I know the general idea about my project and its activities. I know I would work with migrants, designing and developing workshop for achieve the empowerment of them… I choose this project because it, because I like the idea of sharing my knowledge with the migrants and I like the idea of help them to achieve their social inclusion and their personal and professional empowerment.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities related with immigration such as seminars, workshop, events, exchanges that allowed me to see other views of the immigration.

I put in practice motivation: “you can try anything and you can success or not, but if you don’t success is not the end of the world, you learn”. You only need to open yourself to new tasks and new opportunities.

When I decided to apply for a project of nine months in Italy I didn’t imagine what I find here. I choose Sicily thinking that was similar to my home place because both cities was Mediterranean, coast, sunny. Since the first moments in the city I discover a place enrich of history and different cultures.

One of the most important part of my EVS has been the people I meet here. During the EVS you get to know many people. Many different people, coming from a lot of countries, with different backgrounds and ideas about the life and world… and I’ve had the opportunity to learn about their countries and about the way they see the life.

And this is one of the most value things about this experience.