Ideas for peace during the TC in PortugalThe training course “Absense of War is not Peace” took place in Setúbal, Portugal, from 3-9 May 2016. It gathered 24 youth workers, youth leaders and people that works with youth from Portugal, Armenia, Italy, Georgia, Poland, Moldova, Egypt, Luxembourg, Sweden, Russia, Spain and Turkey. The training course was founded by the Erasmus + programme and organized by Ananda Cooperativa Multissetorial CRL.

As I was doing a fellowship in conflict resolution method in Italy, this training course was an opportunity to improve my competences in this field and also to develop some competences related to the non formal education.

The training course was organized in many sessions in which we could discuss and reflect about the concept of peace in each country. We  found the need of peace in different spheres of the life.

During the evenings, we also enjoyed Setubal, a beautiful city near the Atlantic Ocean .

Training was full of nice memories, bunch of new projects in our countries and with the hope for the better future and Peace.

I personally learned a lot from the activities and I am going to implement it in my daily job.

Thanks for trainers and all organizers.

Artsrun Pivazyan

Here you can find project’s results