My name is Marcos, thanks to GLOBAL EXCHANGE MOBILITY I had the chance to live a mobility experience in Italy, working at CESIE, organization that promotes the work and vocational/educational training of youth workers.

The implementation of this project would not have been possible without the strong support of the coordinator organization, AIPC-Pandora located in my hometown Madrid, and the invaluable help of CESIE. I was looking for an experience like this, since I’ve participated to a training course carried on by CESIE last year. For the last decade, it has been a very active NGO in the field of youth work at European and International level. This encouraged me to participate in the project “Global Talent Exchange” supported by Youth in Action Programme, Action 4.3 Youth Support Systems, Support to Youth Workers’ Mobility.

The project was finally approved and run six months, starting from the first of April 2014. Since the first day, the tasks for the development of the project were very varied, I’ve started being involved in the implementation of training courses. In this occasion not as a participant, but as a CESIE staff taking care on different phases and aspects of the project implementation. It was very nice to experience it from this other point of view.

An important part of the project was the campaign against xenophobic and racist speech related to the 2014 EU Parliament Elections. This foreseen different interesting local activities in Palermo which is a very particular and multicultural city. During my visits to refugee reception centres, associations, organizations and universities, I found myself in a very unique environment. I have great memories of the local community and of everyone who I met that showed me empathy and support towards the campaign.

Furthermore, I got to know much better the whole process of a project of European Voluntary Service (EVS). Through projects like “Able like you” and “Youth mode” groups of young volunteers from several countries around Europe and the world came to the city to live this experience. I experienced and learned about each phase, being involved in the welcoming, assisting in activities, supporting their adaptation to the environment and the local centres, evaluations and the follow-up meetings.

I have also contributed to give visibility to at least twenty projects and events at a local, European and international level by creating, designing and implementing audiovisual projects (video recordings, photographing the activities, video editing, graphic design, written reports, etc.).

The vastness of the multimedia branch of my tasks allowed me to work practically with all the staff, composed by people from at least 10 different nationalities. This allowed me to explore different perspectives and ways to address the daily challenges, and also be able to solve the possible problems at work. I believe it was a very positive and useful experience for my professional and personal development, as I could acquire skills that were at levels I did not expect.

I am very glad and satisfied for everything lived these months and all the people I met. I would like to thank both organizations, their mobility departments and the Youth in Action Programme, Action 4.3 Youth Support Systems, Support to Youth Workers’ Mobility”.

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