group-gg-cesieThis year, CESIE had joined measure 5 within Youth Guarantee, the European Programme addressed to young people between 15 and 29 years of age who are neither in education nor in employment, which allowed to fund extra-curricular job placements aimed at easing orientation, access or reinsertion in the labour market for young people who applied for the programme within the provided deadline.

Since last June, Daria, Eugenia and Giulia – and Annaclaire since September – are doing an internship  within Youth Guarantee at CESIE, where they carry out tasks which are relevant to their studies and personal attitudes. An access to the labour market which is proving to be satisfying and to give the girls a chance to acquire skills which could not be transmitted through university alone. Their experience proves how many years of study can be duly rewarded and become a pass to professional fulfillment.


“I had the opportunity to join Youth Guarantee at the end of my study path, so it was a way to close it. The work placement at CESIE allows me to exploit the skills acquired so far during my university path, but at the same time it gives me the chance to improve and increase these skills, acquiring new competences. At CESIE I feel like an integral part of a system which acts for the society, and knowing that my contribution is useful to pursuit similar objectives makes me very proud”


“At CESIE I have started a professional and human path which is helping me enhance my skills and acquire new ones. Moreover, thanks to learning by doing which is CESIE’s philosophy, I’m becoming more aware of my skills through active participation to the different activity organised within the numerous projects that CESIE carries out: working in such a dynamic and educational environment is giving me the opportunity to grow up and to exchange with my colleagues and with people coming from all over the world”


“My experience with Youth Guarantee at CESIE is positive. As a matter of fact, during this work placement, I had the chance to grow up personally and professionally thanks to the projects I’ve been involved in. Through this experience I had the chance to better understand what I’m really passionate about and what I’m interested in doing from a professional point of view. I work with colleagues coming from different parts of the world, and being in touch with them, being involved in projects about interculturalism, allowed me to see my city in a different way, making it more interesting and stimulating”


“In these months of internship, I had the chance to acquire and develop my professional skills. The intercultural environment which characterises CESIE has positively affected my learning process: from the very first days, I started to live and work in a stimulating and multicultural environment. In my opinion, such an opportunity is important for people like me who are in the process of entering the labour market: all that I have learnt in these months will definitely be useful for my professional future

The premises appear to be very good, but we hope that for these girls the internship at CESIE can be a first step towards a brilliant career!