ABLE LIKE YOU II - EVS - The diversity makes me enrichedHi! My name is Beatriz, I’m 22 years old and I come from Madrid, Spain. Today I’m in Palermo, Sicily, for an EVS experience.

When I came here, it was a very strange feeling, because this city is full of contrasts where everything can happen. The first impression is of an old, shabby and dirty city, but when I knew better the life here, its people and culture, I liked it very much. Before coming I was worried because nobody told me well about Palermo, but I gradually have discovered that, if you have your head screwed on and prudence, it is possible to live here very well. Another thing I was worried about before coming was the language because the level of my Italian was very low, but here the people always try to speak with you and to understand you. Indeed the Sicilian people are very friendly and welcoming.

My EVS project consists in working with disabled people; I have to admit that, when I started working, I was worried not to know their needs, not to understand them and so not to be able to do that job. But today I can confess that for me it is a pleasure and not an obligation to go at work. When I’m in the center, I have the feeling to be in a big family and the relationship with the disabled people is really wonderful. Anyway it isn’t always simple and most of the time I have to be patient, but for me it is a beautiful experience to stay with them and help them in their work.

I sincerely suggest to everyone to do an EVS experience because it helps you to grow, to know other cultures, to be patient and tolerant and to change your point of view. In particular I advise to do an EVS in Sicily because is a wonderful island, which has an incredible sea, a welcoming environment and an unique and friendly community. This is a place where you do not get bored, because there is always something to do, even though an evening out with friends.