“It’s time to do something useful and I love to do it“ that was my simple motivation to ask to be part of (Able like you III) project with CESIE organisation. I am Tasneem Fareed, I am 26 years old and I am volunteering in “coop. La Fraternità” which works with disabled people. It was a totally new experience for me, I had never worked before with disabled people. I still remember my shocked face the first time I went there, it was like if I were into another world , I know anything about how to deal with them.

I came home with my head full of questions: how will I manage it ? In the second day of my work the stress started. However, I just went there and I let myself go, joining to their beautiful world, learning from Debora and Valentina, who work there for a long time. I learnt how to be a good listener, how to be more open with the other, how to get different abilities, and also how to give love. In my lovely cooperative we are welcomed to enter every morning in their beautiful world. There is Ugo, the artist who makes beautiful small cars of carton with beautiful colors, he also can play music, in the morning he brings his harmonica and the show starts.

There is also Rosario, my lovely friend, he is like Romeo, always with flowers in his hand, he likes singing, without noticing to enter every day in his world with a big smile. I like listening his interesting stories.

I started my volunteering project 7 months ago, and now before finishing it I know how lucky I am to have learnt all of that, how to be patient, how to listen, how to get love and how to transfer it. Their world changed me forever and for that I am so grateful.