Reggie's experience: supporting and hospitality in PalermoMy name is Reggie Kemp, I am 21 years old and I am from Romford, a town in the London Borough of Havering.

I have wanted to live in Palermo since I was twelve years old, afer meeting my sister’s best friend whose mother was a palermitana living in England.

Despite avidly searching for a long-term administrative learning experience in Palermo I did not think it would come to fruition, since due to my high functioning Autism I require a moderately substantial amount of attention that I am told many hosting organizations would not contemplate hosting for a long term project. So when I wrote to CESIE, did not think they would respond positively. However after wanting a meeting amongst themselves they can offer me the support and patience needed for me to make a positive project here.

CESIE is probably the most multi cultural association I have seen so far. During my time here in CESIE I have noticed that they are extremely kind and passionate about their work and genuinely care for their volunteers. But just like the cracks and broken in Palermo you have also to face the inefficiency of the buses and trains.

So far I am very pleased to have chosen this association and city to do my long term EVS!