Erasmus mobility: Annelise’s experience as a translation intern!I discovered CESIE on the Internet and I immediately got passionate about its projects and activities: I liked CESIE’s human attitude towards education, the social interest within its action, as well as the multicultural side of this organisation. My experience as a translation and international communication intern at CESIE in Palermo was very positive, both from a professional and personal point of view.

I was in charge of translating a variety of documents for CESIE, (brochures, newsletter, web pages, instruction manuals, training guides, reports etc.), in a wide range of sectors such as environment and renewable energies, project management, farming etc.) thanks to which I discovered new perspectives which I hadn’t considered before and became interested into. My work not only allowed me to better understand how CESIE works while translating texts referring to its activity. The comments and corrections made by my tutors, who always showed themselves available, even when the workload was heavy, taught me a lot about my way of working as well as about myself, and allowed me to improve in both respects. I also appreciated the trust I was given when I was assigned responsibility tasks (as the preparation of a training guide for the cross-border cooperation project TATRAC).

Many interesting people coming from abroad work at CESIE, and that contributes to the multicultural feature of this place. Even if the working language of the organisation is Italian, it often happened to hear different languages such as English, French or Arabic, and this was an added value for me as a language professional.

CESIE’s office continuously host different workers, volunteers, enthusiastic partners with a similar mission, and such a diversity enriches the organisation. It is always pleasant to work in places like this and to be in touch with motivated people.

If I had to advise anyone about a possible organisation where to make a University internship, I would definitely choose CESIE, for its atmosphere, for its people, for its humanistic vision and for all that it can offer to a young student for his/her personal and professional future!