Undertaking my internship at CESIE was such a good decision both from a personal and professional perspective. I’m a 22 year-old Australian student currently completing a Master’s in Translation Studies. When I discovered CESIE’s website I immediately knew that it would be an ideal place to carry out my work placement. I felt welcomed right from the very first day at the office and I was surrounded by lovely colleagues from all over the world.


My work consisted of translating various types of texts relating to projects that CESIE is involved in, between English and Italian. I really enjoyed how each day was different: different texts (from articles and newsletters, to a generic framework and a guided meditation), and different topics (from education and volunteer work, to accessible tourism and the integration of migrants). This allowed me not only to enhance my vocabulary and my translation skills, but also to learn what it was like to work as a professional translator, particularly for a non-governmental organisation.

 I really felt supported by my colleagues who helped me whenever I needed and who gave me extremely useful feedback. The work environment was so nice and CESIE just seemed like one big family. I met interesting people and learnt many new things about myself and what I would like to do in the future. By being in Palermo I discovered incredible places and was immersed into a completely different lifestyle from my own. I’m so grateful for the experience I had: the only negative side was that 6 weeks was way too short!