Birth, beautiful childhood, war, school, first love, education, diploma, first jobs … in a time,  that seems to me really fast. After only a few snows and hot summers in front of me is the opportunity to get out of the frame is the classic standard of education and start volunteering in a foreign country. Wow. What a opportunity? Until then, I lived in a very closed country, so that was a perfect possibility. Quickly, I went to google and started looking for interesting topics and countries where I could live and volunteering.

Migration and Sicily- two incompatible concepts and yet each in itself interesting.  After a few emails, a couple of months ago and I’m at the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and wait flight for Palermo. My mood is at its peak, with mild anxiety and fear of new things. Tortured me questions: how should I do with a new culture, food, people, language..

After a flight, at the bus-stop my future mentor and future roommate waited me and  who took me to celebration of the arrival, where I met all volunteers and from that moment , began a period of life that I consider as the best. Perfect colleagues., perfect staff at work, dynamic work, beautiful Sicily, beach, always in a good mood people, diversity of culture… all this in front of me and I started to enjoy it.

Topics such as migration and problems of young migrants are priority in domain of my interests so unselfishly share experiences with each other, cooperate in workshops and we are trying to give maximum during the work with young migrants. Very big range of activities and works that are present here give to us possibility to work on many different topics and show our skills and knowledge.

Pleasant time with colleagues, meeting the island , enjoy in the local food … .are the moments  that  will be memorised and that will always be part of  me.

After this first station in Palermo, I am ready for the world.  Details? I will keep them to myself because it is my personal story, and you? Retrace your EVS experience and tell the story.