Aida: Grow and enjoy in PalermoAlmost 7 years ago I had the opportunity to realise a short term EVS in Italy ; in 2015 the wind bring me back to Italy, in particular in Palermo for my long term EVS. I wanted to realize one long term project for having an experience in an intercultural way and for living with people from different countries and nationalities. Furthermore I was more focused on “how can I use my competence and how could I improve my skills and being useful to the others and to myself”.

Palermo is quite similar to the city where I live, but I have never lived in the city center. We cannot deny that it’s a really beautiful city, as for the architecture than for it’s warm and welcoming people and for the different events that are organized, but it’s really a chaotic city.

I am lucky to have been and still be involved in one pilot project, Energy+, dedicated to the work with and for migrants. That was my biggest motivation to apply to this project. I had the opportunity to be well integrated in the center where I am referent and doing some activities as : being responsible of French, Italian and English “courses”, some health prevention activities/ « mathematics courses » and daily life activities. Thanks to my responsible I was also involved in different identification’s phases of new arrival migrants in the port of Palermo. It permitted me to meet professionals in several fields. Our project is about thinking and achieving different workshops for and with migrants of different centers regarding to their needs and hobbies. For this we are 5/6 volunteers -involved in different centers- working in our coordinating organisation alone or with the help of our tutor and mentors. Five big workshops of diverse sessions were realized about : discovering the city, football tournament and looking for a work process.

There are a lot of volunteers from 18 to 30 from different countries that represent a community in Palermo. We meet each other during work or during free time and intercultural nights. The mix of everything make the experience more complete and magic.