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MENS: Research Summary

The current document is the second deliverable within the project Mental European Network of Sport events – “MENS”. It Includes the results of the qualitative and quantitative survey and is divided into four chapters.

BYMBE: Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers

BYMBE: Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers

BYMBE Report provides a background of education systems and childcare provision as well as support services in Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.

ASAP: Synthesis Report

This report looks at the training and certification needs of the book publishing sector in the countries participating in the project – Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK – and in two additional countries – France and Germany.

ASAP: Mapping of Competences

Here is the mapping of competences and skills gap analysis in France and Germany in relation to their representativeness for the aim of the ASAP Project.

My idea, my future: First steps to social entrepreneurship

My idea, my future Manual guides young people through the first steps of setting up a social enterprise.

TABLIO: Good Practices

Examples of good practices of schools and teachers that were already doing educational tablet implementation for differentiation and inclusion purposes.

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